Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Three by Nine Meme.

I have been tagged in another meme this time by Claire @ CheshireMum and seeing as we were naughty partners in crime at our last twine up I have of course obliged. 

Another little snippet of Mumra...

Three names I go by:   Sez, Ra-Ra, and Mumra.
Three places I’ve lived:   London, Hong Kong and Bognor Regis.
Three places I’ve worked:   A Toy Shop, A Nightclub and A Day Nursery.
Three things I love to watch:   Peep show, Alan Partridge, The US Office.
Three places I have been and love:   Thailand, Indonesia, and Amsterdam.
Three people that email me regularly:   Twitter, PR Companies and my OH.
Three things I love to eat:   Burgers, Cous Cous and Humous. 
Three people I think will respond:   Jenny, Kate, Bianca. 
Three things I am looking forward to:   First family holiday, Starting back at work, Getting my pre baby jeans back on.

You're tagged you know what to do!


  1. I love your choice of images and do you only like food that contains the letter U?! That tickled me my naughty cohort!
    Love Me xx

  2. Haha so I do! In fact I'd live happily on those 3 foods alone.

    Chocolate doesn't have a 'U' in which spoils it a bit!

  3. Ooh Im tagged! Only just accomplished the playlist, this is a job for another day! xx