Friday, 17 December 2010

Cbeebies: Snog, Marry, Avoid.

 A little bit of Christmas fun!

We all spend far too much of our lives watching Cbeebies. 
It goes with the job so come on spill, who are your 
Cbeebies: Snog, Marry and Avoid?

*Plenty of choice in every sex so don't be shy!

Andy, Alex, Cerrie and Sid.
Pui and Chris.
Pete and Nat.
Big Cook and Little Cook.
Mr Maker.
Mr Tumble.
Sarah Jayne.
Doodle do Chris.
Sportacus, Stephanie and Robbie Rotten.
The Numbertaker.

I'll start it off with mine.....
SNOG: Sid.
MARRY: Chris - Show me, Show me.
AVOID: The Numbertaker.


  1. This is sooooo hard as there is no one who is a real hotty is there?which is very unfair seeing as though we watch as much CBeebies as our children!

    SNOG : (Katy well she can cook! It would stop her from singing lol)
    MARRY: Sid
    AVOID: Justin/Mr Tumble

    But it is slim pickings isn't it?

  2. hahaha...anything to stop the woman singing!

    It is indeed slim pickings!

  3. I'd snog either from Boogie Beebies! lol, Pete's cute and Nat's lovely and I've met them both (although I didn't snog them!)

    Marry Alex because he's adorable and have exchanged tweets (get me!!)

    Avoid Mr Tumble (although that's no easy task as he's bleedin everywhere!)

  4. Snog: Sportacus
    Marry: Sid (he is the reason we have it on cbeebies rather than anything else... *cough*)
    Avoid: Mr Tumble

  5. SNOG (do sex): Sid. But only with short hair, a la number raps.
    MARRY: Robbie Rotten - have you seen him without the prosthetic chin.
    AVOID (shove off a cliff): Sarah fucking Jane. I *hate* her.

    There's a lingering suspicion that neither Chris nor Justin would be interested in my hot blooded femininity. No great loss though, really.

  6. Snog Sportacus. Marry Andy. Avoid Katy.
    Brilliant idea!

  7. Snog Alex
    Avoid big cook little cook
    Marry mister maker

  8. oh my god i missed Sarah Jayne i'm adding her now!!

    (I only picked Chris cos he'd make a good dad.) - I think your right there!

  9. Snog... Katy but only just

    Marry - Carrie, have you seen her presenting and flirting with the dads watching? She's dirrrrrrty

    Avoid - ALL the rest they are hateful.

  10. Snog: Sid (I think he's going to get a lot of action here).

    Marry: Nina. I like her.

    Avoid at all costs: Big & Little Cook

  11. Oh dear can't believe I'm going to admit this out loud but it's our secret, right???!!!

    Snog: Big Cook
    Marry: Robbie Rotten (He is Hawt ;-)
    Avoid: Mr Tumble!!!

  12. Snog: lovely longlegged Andy
    Marry: Justin
    Avoid: Sportacus and Stephanie

    (can I not have a bigamous snogging wedding thingummy with Andy AND Justin?

  13. Ha ha! Even with the anonymity of red lips, your wrongness knows no bounds Gilly!

  14. I don't think Justin would complain...


  15. Snog: Sid

    Marry: Sid. What do you mean, I can't pick him twice? Maybe Andy then.

    Avoid: So hard to choose, but probably Sarah-Jane.

  16. I did comment but seems to have disappeared!! Ok so between us mine are:

    Snog: Big Cook
    Marry: Robbie Rotten (He is Hawt ;-)
    Avoid: Mr Tumble!!!

  17. Excellent, was hoping you'd see this Gilly!

  18. i was thinking Robbie for snog too in fact i pondered a few...


  19. I'd snog Katy. She looks like a dirty cow under that Miss Goody-Two-Shoes exterior (plus she could make me cake after)

    Marry Sportacus - Have you seen that dude in real life?! *drool*

    Avoid, and by avoid I mean beat with rusty hammers, all the rest. Especially Sarah Jane.

  20. Brilliant reasoning.

    Sportacus is buff, he could do one handed lifts and stuff...?!

  21. AVOID! Mr Tumble, that bloke drives me insane.

    For the other options... that im not that fussy ;-P

  22. Right, I'm here in the interests of balance. It's time for a man to play.
    Snog: Sarah-Jane.... sorry ladies! But only in her 'Higgledy House' or Tikkabilla incarnations. She's never been the same on her new show, whatever it's called;
    Marry: Katy - well, she'd be so handy in the kitchen
    Avoid: Cerrie. Honestly. Is she Makka-Pakka's sister?

  23. Okay im not going with the mojority but here we go......

    Snog: Pete frm boogie beebies

    Marry: Mister maker ;)

    Avoid: Sarah jayne, the number taker & all of the lazy town crew!! But not MR TUMBLE he's cool i jus have no wish no snog him :(

  24. Snog: Sarah Jayne (just cause she looks filthy)
    Marry: Katy
    Avoid: Pui (She's just not the same since playing a prostitute in Briget Jones)

  25. Ooooo, loving this! And so interesting to see everyone's choices :)

    Mine would be:
    Snog: Sportacus
    Marry: Andy or Sid
    Avoid: Big & Little Cook
    (I actually quite like Sarah Jane, she reminds me of my SIL)

  26. can't believe everyone wants to avoid Justin ........ ok I know I'm really sad but do have abit of a "thing" for him shame we don't get any of his shows in Oz ......... what can I say for me there's just "something special" there ;-) LOL

  27. Snog: Andy
    Marry: Mister Maker (have a very inappropriate crush going on there!)
    Avoid: At all costs, Big Cock & Little Cock. *shudder*

  28. SNOG: Andy
    MARRY: Sid
    AVOID: Justin

  29. I started reading this blog and felt absolutely disgusted. Snog, a children's presenter? ewww. There is something very wrong with that. And then as i read down i realise i had formulated my answer already. A harlot after all.

    Snog: Andy
    Marry: Sid
    Avoid: Chris

    The mere fact you would marry Chris? He quite obviously swings the other way... what's up with that?


  30. oh god, that reads wrong, i'm not avoiding chris because i'm a homophobe btw. he'd just bore me to death....thought i best clarify

  31. After much thought on this subject i'm sticking with the following-
    SNOG- Mr. Maker
    MARRY- Sporticus (real muscles and real black flips- wow!)
    AVOID- Mr Tumble

  32. My thinking was that he'd make a fab dad and then i could sit around doing nothing all day like i do when Show me,Show me is on.

    See, clever me!

  33. Snog: Pui (when she's dressed as the Grand Old Duke of York)

    Marry: Alex, he's so good with kids.

    Avoid: Sarah-Jayne, but only after I've stabbed her in the eye with one of Katie's carrots.

  34. Snog - Sarah Jane
    Marry - Andy of course, gaggly bundle of fun that he is
    Avoid - The rest of them

  35. Snog;Sportacus..

    Marry;Doodle Do Chris

    Avoid;Pete from Boogie Beebies-don't like cheeky chappie types..

  36. Saw Sid a couple of years ago reading a story to kids in Brighton library...a really nice guy..

  37. Brilliant post!
    I would snog Mr Maker (ding dong!)
    Marry Alex ---- have a genuine crush. He is too cute.
    and avoid Sarah-Jayne (and her scary little orange sidekick). NO ONE can seriously be that happy all the time. Its not normal! You can even HEAR her smiling when she cries "MIGHTY MIIIIIIIGHT"---- aaarrrghhhhhhh

  38. Love this!!

    I would...

    Snog: Pete from boogie beebies (even though he's quite short!)

    Marry: big cook from big cook little cook (handy in the kitchen see?)

    Avoid: Sarah Jayne and Mr Tumble. Cos I hate them and they make me want to stick pins in my eyes.

    Boogie beebies, boogie beebies, YEAH!


  39. I would probably have a joint marriage with Sid and Alex as the latter has been very tweet friendly which is an important factor to consider lol

  40. SNOG - Justin Fletcher - I could easily become his groupie - bring on Camp Bestival!!
    MARRY - Sid - cause he's cool, and you know, he's just a little bit wicked - glint in his eye n all that......actually, don't mind a bit of Robbie Rotten - he's funny, got a great bod and I'm actually sad enough to check him out as an actor...not bad - see
    AVOID - UGH, can't BARE Big Cook Little Cook - (remove one O and replace with a C, because both are a pair of), AND the Number Taker, because he's a bit creepy? AND Mr Maker, because his voice range is so up and down, AND Sportacus due to his interview on BBC Breakfast one morning, he made a right t*t if himself! AND Chris, Poy, Andy, Kerry, all the cast of Ballamory, all the cast of in fact any Scottish kiddie programme, due to their lack of sex appeal - mainly miss Hooley....yuck, the green, frumpy fashion, the silly hairstyle!!

    That is all

  41. So funny. Taking into account they are all pretty asexual (a must for a Children's TV Presenter) at a push Snog would be Mr Maker, Marry Andy and avoid Mr Tumble (probably fun to start then might grate after a while).

  42. Snog Boogie Pete (oh yeah!)
    Marry Andy (simply for his lovely enthusiasm on the old summer song!)
    Avoid Mr Maker at all costs (he makes me think of Anthony Worral Thompson)..

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