Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Moving on..

We have moved!

In true Mumra style it's been quite dramatic. Two weeks ago, just days after turning 37 I rolled over in bed and put my back into spasm.

When we move I am usually really organised. Although having had this discussion on twitter recently it appears some people actually number their boxes and write lists and stuff. I'm not that good/mental.

I do however box, bubble wrap and donate to the charity shop all the stuff I realise I've forgotten I owned.

Anyway none of that happened.

Between trips to the doctors and necking painkillers I had to leave everything to Jamie 'we'll just chuck it all in bin bags' Bodkin.


The amazing thing is do you know what, it's been ok.

Huge thanks to my Mum, his Mum and her partner we did it!

I'm so happy to be in this new house and ridiculously excited about our future here. I will be blogging the process of getting it how we want it and my garden plans but so far it's looking good!