Sunday, 29 April 2012

She can sing a rainbow!

I wrote this post nearly two years ago about our 'settling song' and tonight after two long years of me singing to Tabitha-Lo she gave me a wonderful surprise.

Tonight as I sung to her like always, she joined in and sung every single word with me.

I might have shed a tear.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Feather and Black Kids Range: Nightwear.

I have been so lucky being involved in the Feather and Black bloggers reviews and their latest items did not let me down.

Tabitha was sent an item from their nightwear range. 

We chose the Betty Bow Nightdress, it being the only one available in her size. I was initially a bit gutted that the Cherry Print Pj's were for older girls as I have a real soft spot for anything with cherries on.

Generally I don't dress Tabitha in anything too girly but I have to admit I adore the Betty Bow Nightdress on her. It is a true classic and reminds me of nighties I used to wear as a child. She now calls it her 'Princess Dress' and I think I will have to eventually address her need for pastel pink in her life....

Along with the nightdress Feather and Black also sent us the first childrens book written by Adam Black 'David the Dinosaur'

The story of a dinosaur with a taste for plump little boys!

I love the book, the story is proper old school. It reminded me of a classic fairy tale full of bits of gore, drama and lots of laughs. Tabitha flicks through the pages now reading it aloud to herself we have read it so many times, although her version goes 

'David the dinosaur...Raaah boys......David the dinosaur... Hello.....Raaaah...Oh no.... David the dinosaur .....The end.'

Adam Black has also launched a range of items for David the Dinosaur including Pj's and cushions.

I continue to love Feather and Black all of the items we have reviewed and the items I have purchased are fantastic, I cannot recommend them enough.