Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Return to Twitter Mountain.

I have been sucked back into Twitter.

It was pretty easy cutting it out of my life I have to say. Deleted from my phone it didn't cross my mind to open up the laptop and log in for a nose about.

However something happened. I needed to find a tweet I'd favourited about a product I was recommending to a friend. I tried to log in, it had not yet been 30 days but my account was gone.

I felt sick.

I emailed Twitter, I asked my geeksquad friends. I was literally in a frenzy.

Every thumbnail face flashed before me, my years of building up my followers and the knock on effect that has on my blog seemed suddenly really really important, I wanted to cry.

Twitter eventually came to the rescue and re set my account. I was so relieved and my panic made it clear I wasn't risking that again.

I set about making twitter what I wanted.

I ran over my 1000 followed accounts and I deleted people who I do not interact with, companies I had followed probably hoping to build relationships with back in the day when I cared more. I got my timeline down to 500 and it felt more friendly, it flows slowly and is mostly filled with humour and friendly chatter from like minded people.

I know some people get really offended by being unfollowed but its just the way it is. I follow lots of accounts who don't follow me, I am probably not their bag but their tweets entertain me and that's why I follow, it is not a gesture of gratitude for a follow back. I hope that's why people follow me and will remain following even if I have cut back on my timeline.

So a little bit of love goes out to some of the people I have missed during my break:







If you don't follow them, you should.

So basically I am back, back for good, back for now.

Silent Sunday