Friday, 30 April 2010

Child Trust Fund

Currently trying to work out who to put our £250 with.....Its all a bit confusing here is what Martin Lewis says....

So who has everyone else used?

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Tabitha has made the transfer this week to a proper weaning routine, food is now the focus. Today she had Petits Filous for the first time after her half jar of baby food. My main learning curve was to get the yogurt out of the fridge way before i give it to her, her response to the cold sensation was comical but obviously not pleasant!

Has anyone got any idea why they always make bibs white or other pale colours ?

Surely they should be black or at least dark colours all of Tabithas are slowly becoming orange stained from her food. I'm tempted to get some Dylon and dye a batch black.


Since day one i have swaddled Tabitha-Lo for night time sleep. It has helped her settle allowing me to leave her laying awake in her cot and get herself off to sleep. She has also only ever needed one 3am night feed per night and sleeps solidly the rest of the night.

I am aware that i need to stop the swaddling routine so she can learn to settle herself with her arms free. Part of me was tempted to carry on until i could no longer find swaddling to fit her but deep down i know the sooner the better....argh!

I have been told that a baby needs only a week of new routine before they forget the old one ever existed. So i reckon this week will be pretty sleep deprived for both myself and Tabitha. I feel very mean taking away her security. Her little arms flap about rubbing her eyes and she frantically chews on her fingers all the while sobbing ( and i mean real tears! ) its heart breaking. In the past i would have adviced parents to 'sit it out' and say things like 'no harm will come to them from a bit of a crying'. What a load of rubbish that is when its your baby and you know you can give them what they want to feel safe and happy. I keep telling myself that she needs to be able to sleep this way to be a happy balanced child and i must be strong to help her achieve this.....

Listening to your own parenting advice sucks...Fact.

Sherbie Tib Tabs

This is my little princess Tabitha-Lo. After spending 8 months coming up with her name we have ended up mostly calling her Sherbie Tib Tabs! We keep saying it in public places and I am sure people over hearing us must think we are crazy or just very mean parents.

Anyone else have special nicknames for their little ones?