Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My name is...

Tabitha has starting to call me Sarah.

I am sure it is a phase and is mainly due to her resently being around the staff at work who all (obviously) call me by my name.

I am trying to combat it by not answering when she calls me by it, and responding with 'I am Mummy' then addressing her request.

However I have to say its horrible to hear her say it over Mummy and she has also started shortening that to Mum which is not sitting well with me either. Don't get me wrong I am not a fan of children calling their mothers 'Mummy' beyond a certain age, and as an adult its just too sickly sweet but Tabitha is 2 years old.

It has reminded me that I used to have a friend whose children called her by her first name at her request, it never really occured to me to think it odd, but it is don't you think?

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The box is always better than the gift.

I think we have learned a valuable lesson this year. Tabithas birthday is in late Novemeber in great excitement we brought and requested all the things we thought she would love, and she does. A dolls house, an art easel with enough paints and chalks to sink a ship, playdough sets to rival any nursery school, she got it all.

The problem we have found is now, at christmas barely four weeks later we need to do it all again. Our imaginations are exhausted and our flat is bursting at the seams. She does not need anything else right now and I am not sure where we would put it if she did.

Never the less we have purchased a pile of presents for her to open on Christmas day and she will drag them all back from her grandparents after the holidays for us to find 'somewhere' for them to go....

Do I sound like a grinch? I don't mean to. I just think next year we will pace ourselves with her birthday and remember a bit more clearly that four weeks later we need to do it all over again.

Friday, 9 December 2011

I need me a Blogger Calender.

In order to get my mitts on a Blogger Calender full of shots taken from Cybermummy 2011 I need to write a little blog CV for Tara and Jay.

I hate all photos of myself and eventually I will need to get my hands on all copies to burn them, so winning one would be a start.....

Mumra Blog CV

Name: Mumra

Origins of Mumra: Fear of going braindead while on maternity leave led me to create my parenting blog. I originally wanted to help other parents with my knowledge as a nursery manager in my real life, however I quickly realised it was much more fun to talk rubbish and review stuff.

Twitter: I tweet as @mumrablog, I used to tweet a lot now I work full time not so much.

My mission statement: To stay a true Stepford Reject and Hold Onto My Cool With Both Hands.

Now give me that calender. Only 99 more to go....

The Gallery - My awesome photo.

This weeks The Gallery theme is for a prize and I am very keen to win it!

Tara is giving the winning blogger the chance to win a giant photo canvas of their shot and I am desperate to have this photo up in my house.

Every time I look at it am filled with pride and humbled by how lucky I am to have two such amazing people in my life.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mumra Playlists - Christmas Special.

I have decided Mumra Playlists deserved another outing. It is a one off Christmas Special and I really hope you all join in...

The theme is : CHRISTMAS 


Every Christmas during my childhood we without fail would gather to watch the Only Fools and Horses Christmas special. Still today the theme tune always gives me a fuzzy contented feeling, knowing that for the next 30 minutes nothing else really matters...

So what reminds you of your childhood Christmas or gets you feeling festive? 

Is it a song, an advert or a tv show? 

Simply write a post and link it up below.

Tabitha-Lo takes in London.

Recently it was my Dads 70th birthday and for a surprise I arranged for one of my blogging perks to be a treat for him. I knew he had always wanted to go on the London Eye and thanks to we had the chance to take the whole family on.

I wasn't sure it would be a good idea with a toddler to be honest and I thought my mother (who famously tried to bribe a fairground owner to do the rides slowly while her children went on...) would possibly have a bit of a panic attack half way round.

However I have to say we had a really good time. Tabitha loved it and the pods are large enough to not feel squashed in, giving space to move about freely. The motion of the wheel is so smooth that you hardly feel that you are moving so my mother ( and me if I am honest ) coped without brown paper bags and deep breathing.

Check out the deals at for deal on London Hotels and great discounts when you visit London.

The Green Giant comes to Manchester.

Click Colin to visit Green Giant Facebook page.

A little update on the promotion by The Green Giant. The big man himself came to Manchester on the 29th and 30th October to encourage families to get their 5-a-day. The event was a huge success and during the day 193 families gave the Giant a High-5!

Colin Jackson was also there meeting the audience, High 5-ing the Giant and hurdling a Giant sweet corn! (see photo above, which keeps on cracking me up. I am not sure why...)

The winner to the competition has now been selected and will soon be informed!!!

This is a sponsored post.