Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mumra Playlists - Christmas Special.

I have decided Mumra Playlists deserved another outing. It is a one off Christmas Special and I really hope you all join in...

The theme is : CHRISTMAS 


Every Christmas during my childhood we without fail would gather to watch the Only Fools and Horses Christmas special. Still today the theme tune always gives me a fuzzy contented feeling, knowing that for the next 30 minutes nothing else really matters...

So what reminds you of your childhood Christmas or gets you feeling festive? 

Is it a song, an advert or a tv show? 

Simply write a post and link it up below.


  1. Hello! I have fnd memories of the Only Fools and Horses Christmas specials too! Sooo funny. I have linked up 5 festive songs which make me feel Christmassy - hope that's ok x

  2. I loved that programme. Great idea - thanks for hosting.

  3. Ronnie@Hurtled to 609 December 2011 at 23:32

    Hello! I have found your blog via The Blog Up North and have joined in your link up.  Good to "meet" you.  :-)