Mumra Playlists

Mumra Playlists Week 1.

While I am down at the gym I always wear my ipod and blast out some inspiring tunes. The few times I have forgotten my headphones I have really struggled to keep the pace up and found the time passes too slowly. 

The beats of some good tunes pushes my KM/H up and also helps me stop from clock watching.

This is my current playlist, set on repeat the whole time I'm there.

Gym Time

Anyway while sweating away on my cross trainer the other day, I had a *brilliant* idea....

Lets share some playlists with each other, any musical styles are welcome.

You never know we might find some great new music we haven't heard before... It could be your 'Going to sleep' playlist or your 'In the bath' playlist, your 'Break up' playlist or your 'Feel good' songs.

Why not add them to your blog for people to enjoy and link back to this post so we can all have a browse.

I've even made a little badge for you.

Mumra Playlist

Mumra Playlists Week 2.

My original Mumra Playlists was so full of great tunes from the people who took part and the effort that was put into entries was amazing so I have decided to do another Playlist post.

However there was some feed back from readers that the range was too wide and they would feel happier with a subject to work to. So here we go...

There is no pressure to list lots of tunes, one will do this time.

I have chosen this one to give us all a little insight into each other.

What's your theme tune?

This would be mine...

It is not my usual style but I think it sums me up pretty well.

Don't forget to grab a badge!

Mumra Playlist

Mumra Playlists Week 3.

Since running the Playlists the most common thing I have heard from my readers is that since having children they have no time for music anymore.

I too fell into this trap and stopped listening for a while.

Posting the playlists has given me a new passion for it and I am really hoping some of you are feeling the same. This week while I searched for my entry I have listened to so many great tunes bringing with them feelings and memories of pre baby me.

So come on if you haven't joined in before why not give it a go?

Step away from the laundry, leave the toy box overflowing, dare I suggest logging out of Twitter? ( Ok, perhaps just minimize the page! ) and get hunting for your song for this weeks theme.

Which is....drum roll please.....

A song of beauty

I chose this song for the way it makes me feel. I literally get goosebumps every time I hear it. I can't explain the what and why to it meaning this to me. 

It is just beautiful.

Mumra Playlist

Mumra Playlists Week 4. 

I have so many ideas for themes I struggled this week to decide which one to use. 

You guys have done me proud on the previous posts and each playlist has such variety and heart poured into the choices. I have heard new artists and been reminded of great songs that brought with them snippets of memories long forgotten.

I hope you will continue to put your own takes on the themes and that is why I purposely chose a slightly open subject this week.

The chosen theme is...

Guilty Pleasures

Carmen McRae - How Long Has This Been Going On (MJ Cole Remix)

I adore the album this is featured on Verve Remixed.

The album is packed with modern remixes of some classic Jazz songs. I don't think there is anything more relaxing than Jazz especially when sung by a woman. It is simply dream music for me, like the day and the stresses just float away.

My Guilty Pleasure is a long hot bath, candles and these tunes.


Mumra Playlist

Mumra Playlists Week 5.

This week I was tagged in a meme by Becca from Beckicklesie and so I have decided to tie it in with this weeks theme.

This weeks theme is :

Breakin' Shapes

I have always loved to dance. As little girl I would practice routines for hours with my friends copying Mel and Kim or Salt'n'Pepper who ever was the flavour of the month.

As a teenager I was a proper little Techno raver going to warehouses and dirty farm stables filled with huge speakers and dancing until the sun came up.

In my twenties I fell in love with House and Garage Music. Nothing beats a night out in a club with the girls and I have some very happy, if hazy memories of the most excellent of evenings dancing to this tune.....

What gets you moving?

Mumra Playlist

Mumra Playlists Week 6.

Now that I am a parent one of the things I never do anymore is listen to music to fall asleep.

In my life before Tabitha I always used music to help me drift off. These days I need no help, just a relatively flat surface and I'm gone in seconds.

This week I have decided to revisit those days of freedom and have selected one of my favourite tunes for this weeks theme. Which is :

Dream Time

I love this tune, it holds so many great memories for me and has a real cathartic effect of washing away any stress from the day. So lay back and enjoy...

Feel free to link up your favourite Dream Time tune. Don't forget to give Mumra a little mention so people know where it all started. If you like add the badge below so people can come back and listen to the other entries too.

Mumra Playlist

Mumra Playlists Week 7.

A little trip down memory lane for us all this week with the theme:

School Disco

I had dance routines to both of these beauties...

And the ultimate song for your cringe worthy slow dance... 

 What takes you back to school discos? Obviously other than the smell of cider.

Mumra Playlist

Mumra Playlists Week 8.

Last week I took you back to your teenage years and this week I'm taking you even further back...

Our theme for this week is:


My relationship with music began with my parents musical collection and their generosity in allowing me to claim one of their records as my own.

I was allowed to actually use the much loved glass topped stereo system and place the needle on this record myself, clearly it wasn't one of their favourites!

I took a liking to this song and my parents either gave me it or it just became mine, the details I can't remember but I played it over and over and it was 'My song...'

My love of travel and sunshine started at a very early age obviously. I still love the flight announcements when I get on a plane and always hope the pilot will launch into this tune.

Mumra Playlist

Mumra Playlists Week 9.

I thought it would be nice for us to dedicate our playlists this week to someone special in our lives. As always work the theme however you fancy, just remember to give Mumra a mention and link it up so we can all have a listen.

I have chosen the theme for this week:

This song reminds me of you....

I heard my song choice the other day and it instantly made me think of my friend Helen, it always does. From the age of about 12 I have asked her over a million times to sing the chorus of this song as fast as she possibly can. Helen could hold possibly hold the world record for her efforts its really quite amazing. She also does a mean air guitar....

Good times.

Mumra Playlist

Mumra Playlists Week 10.

This may sound strange given my weekly playlists, but I have always had a bit of a problem with remembering song titles and words. Yep, I'm one of those people who says ' it,la,la dah dah dah....' I don't sing songs, I mumble and hum along because I really struggle to remember individual lyrics. 

That is except one song, etched into my mind from repetitive play during my teenage years. I can not hear it for years at a time it doesn't matter I know all the words every single one....

The theme this week is:  What song do you know every word to?

Mumra Playlist

To join in with Playlists simply blog your choice, give Mumra a mention so people know where to join in if they want to and link up so we can all see it.

If you don't blog you can still join in, just add the utube link straight into the linky with your name or Twitter id. Couldn't be easier...

Mumra Playlists Week 11

My Dad used to take my brother to football matches every weekend when we were children and to compensate for this I got to have a Daddy and Daughter weekend to London every now and then.

Just my Dad and I would go to London and see a show, do some shopping and stay in a hotel, I thought it was the best thing ever!

We always saw a musical and they are special memories I will never forget. I would dream for years of being on stage in a production, however my lack of singing voice was sadly always going to be an issue.

My theme for this weeks playlist if you haven't already guessed is:

A song from a Musical.

I actually saw this one with my Mum but my love for musicals is because of my Dad so he got the big up this week! 

Mumra Playlist