Saturday, 19 May 2012


Look what she did!

Cybher 2012

This time last week we were in the mists of Cybher and for me it was a day I had been looking forward to since the day it was announced.

I was very kindly offered a free ticket to attend and give a helping hand to Sian on the day.

You might have seen me handing out badges at registration, which was very handy for working out who everyone was. 

I was the one rocking my huge Tatty Devine necklace. In case you didn't get a flash of my name  badge.

The speakers were fantastic on the day and although it was physically imposssible to see everyone I wanted to, what I did see was truely inspiring. 

My highlights and lessons learnt from the day are a mixed bunch of events and they go something like this:

300 odd leather satchels smell amazing

Listening to Jennifer Begg (@livefreerange) talking about her fundraising in memory of her mother and the result - Janies School. Just awesome stuff and once I have read Half the Sky I am set on changing the world peice by peice.

Having my photo taken for SOTM by Mario Cacciottioi

Too many bloggers in a hotel lift setting off the alarm and the bar mangers face as he said 

'Did they all try and get in there together?'

Discovering online personalities are sometimes exactly what you expect in real life and sometimes really just....not. (in a good way and a bad way)

That if you leave a  gaggle of drunk female bloggers in a bar with too much free fizz there will be noise complaints and plants will get eaten.

So in a nutshell thats my low down on Cybher 2012. 

See you at Cybher 2013.