Saturday, 29 September 2012

Goodbye Twitter.

I have closed my Twitter account down.

Since May 2010 Twitter has taken up much of my time and has helped me not only build my blog but also built many good friendships with other mums, without which those 3am feeds and moments of madness would/could have finished me off.

I have enjoyed the ups and downs of Twitter; the dramas of blogworld rolled out in passive aggressive tweets between rivals, the heated debate of people who just love an argument, but mostly the support of complete strangers offering advice and ((hugs)) when needed.

I have laughed out loud (for real!) and found great comfort in the humour of other mothers struggling with their daily lives just like me. I have worried about them during difficult times, I have shed tears for them both in happiness and pain, and offered helpful advise to try and support them.

I have, as have they revealed my life through 140 character snippets to nearly 3,000 people a go for several years and now it is time to close the net curtains.

I will be truly honest my recent move stems from these realisations:

I have wasted precious time on Twitter when I should have been playing with my daughter.

I have neglected my relationship and friendships to chat to thumbnail images who I will never meet.

I have neglected myself.

I have left myself exposed and its not sitting well with me anymore.

The future is about focusing on me and the two people I love most.

Don't get me wrong I will miss the community but I hope the people who I connected with most will continue to keep in touch via other means.

I hope that everyone else will remember me and my life as fondly as I remember them and feel honoured to have been allowed to peer into their lives 140 characters at a time.

So that's it.

@mumrablog RIP

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mutu System Week 1.

After several years of being unhappy with my post baby figure I have finally admitted I need help and embarked on a 6 week course of personal trainer sessions with Mutu System.

I first heard of the system on Twitter via @mutusystem and it was clear that the founder Wendy has passion in helping women regain their tummies after child birth, especially when the condition diastasis recti has occurred.

In the past I have had ups and downs with getting my fitness back. I got quite into the gym and over came my fears of equipment and gym environments when I was given free membership with Nuffield.

However once I returned to full time work exercise fell to the back of the to do list and I forgot about it.

I never forgot how unhappy I was with my figure though.

So I booked in with Sally-Anne my local personal trainer with Mutu System. Initially she visited me at home for free and chatted about what my goals were and how the plan could help me. Sally-Anne will visit me once a week to kick my butt into shape and give me new exercises for the following week.

To get all the details on how they work to fix your mummy tummy visit the site Mutusystem.

Essentially it is short bursts of cardio and core work spread over 18 minute bursts each day.

After my first session with Sally-Anne I could not believe how much sweat was involved in such a short space of time. Usually I go to the gym (I say usually, I mean 'if') I slog away on a rower or step machine and barely break a sweat.

Not possible with Mutu System!

'The Plank' or 'How Satan Sleeps' as I have renamed it!
The exercises can be done at home, just requiring a gym ball and resistance band. I have now been enlightened to the horror of 'the plank' and I am feeling confident that this could work.

My core muscles were screaming the next day and even more so the day after that! I rolled out of bed almost as I did following the c section. The stomach muscles that have laid dormant for 2 years have awoken and they are proper grouchy!

Sally-Anne has taken my measurements and I will share the results with you as the weeks come to an end but for now I just need to concentrate on giving myself 18 minutes per day to sweat like a mad woman and achieve my goal.

Wish me luck!