Saturday, 29 September 2012

Goodbye Twitter.

I have closed my Twitter account down.

Since May 2010 Twitter has taken up much of my time and has helped me not only build my blog but also built many good friendships with other mums, without which those 3am feeds and moments of madness would/could have finished me off.

I have enjoyed the ups and downs of Twitter; the dramas of blogworld rolled out in passive aggressive tweets between rivals, the heated debate of people who just love an argument, but mostly the support of complete strangers offering advice and ((hugs)) when needed.

I have laughed out loud (for real!) and found great comfort in the humour of other mothers struggling with their daily lives just like me. I have worried about them during difficult times, I have shed tears for them both in happiness and pain, and offered helpful advise to try and support them.

I have, as have they revealed my life through 140 character snippets to nearly 3,000 people a go for several years and now it is time to close the net curtains.

I will be truly honest my recent move stems from these realisations:

I have wasted precious time on Twitter when I should have been playing with my daughter.

I have neglected my relationship and friendships to chat to thumbnail images who I will never meet.

I have neglected myself.

I have left myself exposed and its not sitting well with me anymore.

The future is about focusing on me and the two people I love most.

Don't get me wrong I will miss the community but I hope the people who I connected with most will continue to keep in touch via other means.

I hope that everyone else will remember me and my life as fondly as I remember them and feel honoured to have been allowed to peer into their lives 140 characters at a time.

So that's it.

@mumrablog RIP


  1. Wow..... I'm impressed! Just so you know, you @mumrablog will never be #DTM :)

  2. Social networks do suck the life out of you.It's easy to be complaisant and let the real world drift by while you spend time glued to a computer screen or smart phone. And yes it has more drams than soap sometimes which can be really horrible to watch.Enjoy your extra  time away from it.

  3. I hear you lady. Like Sian says, never #dtm - cocktails soon. Im a thumbnail you have met xx

  4. oh no! is it the end of your blog and your other alias too? i know what you mean about twitter and social interactions in general, its about finding a balance. i will miss you - we started blogging about the same time i think and enjoyed our chats.
    i wish you lots of luck and sorry we never met.
    i admire and respect you even more now.
    well you is the shit!!!

  5. That's a shame because I've always liked following you and chatting to you. However, I completely admire you for doing so because in the list of reasons above I can relate to three of the reasons you've said. Hope to be able to keep in touch with you. 

  6. maggy, red ted art30 September 2012 at 19:32

    Brave move!! I can't do it.. but totally understand!! Good on you!!

  7. you have said *out loud* what I believe to be true too, that it removes us from our *real* relationships - well done x

  8. Fabulous! Bravo! I'm rarely on Twitter now and never really "got it" anyway if I'm honest. I posed the question to some friends recently, "how would we cope without a screen of one kind or another? How long could we last? Is it sad that it would probably be really hard for most of us?" I salute your decision, and your daughter will too x

  9. not surprised and good for you. great blog, but started to relate most to you when you went back to work and started running out of time (me too). You've inspired many, your work here is done. Good luck for the future :)