Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Salty Dog Nuts!

So last Friday was one of those eventful weekends where the child visited Granny for a few days and we got to go out as a couple.

We headed out for a meal with no one kicking the table or ripping up napkins it was lovely. There was wine and olives then after the chocolate pudding we followed on to a cocktail bar.

Several hours later we returned home via taxi a little worse for wear and staggered into the flat to be confronted by this....

You see Friday saw the delivery of Salty Dog Nuts for my latest review. Of course in our drunken state we ate the lot, in seconds.

I'd love to tell you they were the most tasty and delicious nuts I've ever eaten but, well, I can't remember. Minutes later we had fallen asleep fully clothed and only 'really' knew we had eaten them in the morning when we saw the wrapper scattered over the kitchen counter.

I should have just used the cool mug they sent along for a black coffee but the nuts were way too tempting!

If you fancy stocking your cupboards for a late night snack or just to fill in the ad breaks in x factor Salty Dog Nuts are on sale at Tesco.

To celebrate the launch Salty Dog Nuts are running a competition on their Facebook page and the prize is a new iphone. Get over and enter if you fancy a chance to win.

You can also follow on Twitter.

Not that I'd know that as I am still without my twitter account! *punches air*

How the hell I have got through this post without passing comment on the name of the nuts I don't know.... I will leave that to you.

This is a sponsored post. 

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  1. they must have been good - you'd remember if they were awful - drunk or not