Products/Sites Mumra loves

Sites Mumra Loves 

I have recently discovered an brilliant new site for buying and selling secondhand push chairs. is a site that covers all the aspects of selling your old push chairs and puts all the secondhand or new options in a easy to use format for you to find a replacement to suit your needs. You can search locally or nationally through the secondhand options and advertise your old one at the same time with ease.
The site has all the up to date information on new models available, reviews by real mums and specific details on each model to help you make sure your next purchase is the right one for you.
You know what its like you think, 'oh i'll sell that' then the details creep into your head...How do i package it? How much does it cost to advertise it? - six months later its still sat in the loft gathering dust and getting in the way. will take all those worries away with a simple hassle free packaging and delivery service for a flat fee of £14.99. There are no buyer or seller fees so straight away you know what your paying. 

Perfect, now where is that loft ladder ...?

Bambino Goodies

I have totally fallen in love with this site. It is as if someone has searched all the things i like and placed them on one site. The features are interesting, the products are fresh and modern, even the ads are for other sites i love. Bambino Goodies is now bookmarked and my first port of call.

Hollie in Bloom

Hollie in Bloom is a fantastic blog site that not only gives you the chance to purchase these lovely dresses but gives brilliant ideas for you to get making yourself.

I love the idea of re using old outfits and making them into something else. It makes me want to get my hands on a sewing machine immediately!

Helen the lady who makes these gorgeous outfits will bespoke design outfits to your needs just join her Facebook page and let her know what your after. Beautiful one off dresses no-one else will have at the birthday party - priceless!


This site specialises in sleeping bags to help baby stay warm during the night and avoid the problem of wriggly babies getting out of their covers.


Everyone loves Ikea! I think these highchairs are their best buy, perfect for at home or as a spare to be kept at Grannies house.


This site has some very nice swaddling blankets and sleeping bags to keep the little ones snug at night.


You simply must check out this company. I love the idea of these as gifts for new babies, its really original and a lovely keepsake for the future. All for a reasonable price too can't go wrong!

Little Baby Company

So much gorgeous stuff on here probably best you don't look until pay day!

Oh Baby London

An excellent shop in Brick Lane, London. Really cute clothes and beautifully boxed gift sets too.

Babes with Babies

Excellant site for Babes with Babies. Features top for covering mummy tummies, what every new mum wants.

Products Mumra Loves

Bloom Highchair

I cannot believe i haven't blogged about my high chair yet. Tabitha-Lo is spoilt we may as well admit it now, well actually we are all spoilt. Tabithas Uncle brought her this as a 'being born' present and it is a much loved part of our family.

Our flat is modern in style and has a central island in the kitchen area so the chair sits perfectly at the unit whilst i potter about the kitchen burning things and making a right mess.

When she was tiny the seat tipped back and cradled her meaning that she has always been a part of mealtimes from day one. She now sits up with the tray attached and throws food about the place. The Bloom design is fabulous meaning the child grows with the chair, the height can be changed with squeezy pistons on each side raising and lowering the seat, the tray comes off and a little step can be added to help a toddler climb in and out.

There are issues with it of course, the footprint is huge and i'm not sure it would be so fabulous at a table but at our flat where we eat at bar stool height around our island we think it is perfect. 

Most of all though, it is beautiful and i wish it was for me.


Moulded Bath Seat

Now that Tabitha can sit up she is getting too big for her bath seat and i have started to look for the next stage of bath seat. It has made me remember what a fabulous buy this was. She has been really happy laid back chilling in her seat from day one and as a Mum who generally does the bathtime alone its been a godsend. My hands have been free to wash her and blow bubbles, grab towels etc...I have never been worried about her hitting her head or slipping under the water. When she was tiny we would lay a towel inside it to stop her looking so lost in it but it still supported her as well as it does today. Our only problem now is that she wants out of the chair because her new favourite thing is looking at her face in the tap...She is shockingly vain, no idea where that comes from!

Tommy Tippee Gummies

Today we have mostly been chewing the hell out of gummies. Tommy Tippee make these fab little gummy dummies which Tabitha is loving. I find them really handy for applying Bonjela to her gums. I hate using my fingers to apply it as i have long fingernails and am not keen on putting them in her mouth. Tabitha has never liked a dummy but seems to know what to do with these anyway. If it gives me peace for fifteen minutes i love it!


Tabitha-Lo started teething at two months and cut her first two teeth within two days of each other at 4 months old. She has been very good about it all having a bit of Bonjela here and there and one day of calpol induced dosing through the pain. She didn't really take to the teething toys we offered her, however i have now discovered Bickiepegs. They are teething biscuits that are available from Boots. The biscuit does not break down contains no salt or sugar and going by Tabithas face when she is biting down on them do the job!

I have however vamped them up slightly by replacing the string that comes with them (the company advise you to tie them onto a button hole) with some pretty ribbon. Admittedly they look a bit like a dog biscuit but she keeps herself very quiet in the buggy biting away on them, dropping them and picking them back up again. Result.