Sunday, 21 April 2013

Polarn O. Pyret Review

I was approached by Polarn O. Pyret a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to try out some of their items for Tabitha.

It came at an interesting time as I had just been involved in a little blogging debate with a PR about reviewing clothes that the company had wanted back afterwards. I am personally not willing to review clothes I have to return, firstly why would a company want used clothes back? Bit weird.

I mean this is a 3 year old that has worn them and this as all parents know is equal to throwing them into the pits of hell for a few hours and dragging them out during a hurricane. Secondly and wearing my reviewer hat how does this allow us to comment on the washing, the quality and the longevity of the items?

Anyway, the PR from Polarn O. Pyret was in total agreement and insisted that we keep the items and wear them to death, washing and re washing to properly try them out. So we have!

Tabitha is obsessed with dresses and is mostly found at nursery these days rocking some kind of highly flammable Disney princess dress over her carefully co ordinated outfit laid out by us the night before. She looks like a crazy bag lady. I have pretty much given in to this, a quiet child equals a happy mother and I don't have the fight left inside me.

She however went bonkers for her new dress and you can see why!

The fabric is lovely and thick and washes beautifully with little need for ironing ( a necessity in our house ) Tabitha feels like a princess in it and its the only thing she owns that does not require additional layering with the dreaded sparkly fancy dress.

Thank you Polarn O. Pyret I will be back. Check out the site here for your next purchase.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Norm 69

The new house has a new addition and his name is Norm, Norm 69.

If you are looking at him and thinking 'ooh isn't he lovely' I have some advice.

Norm comes in a box, flat packed!

There are pieces marked fig1, fig2, fig3 etc etc etc.... It's endless.

Slot flap 1 into fig 3 while squeezing your hands between sharp edges of plastic that cut and slice your hands to shreds....some of that is not on the instructions.

Following hours of this, several attempts of throwing Norm out of the window and a heavy splattering of swearing Norm was finally completed.

Of course I love him more for being so annoying much like my choice in men and my off spring, the final product is beautiful and well worth the trouble along the way.