Sunday, 12 February 2012

White Rabbit England Review.

I was asked if I would like to review a nightlight from White Rabbit England and seeing as bedtime is always a bit of an issue at Mumra Towers I thought trying out a nightlight might be a good idea.

When it arrived I was I have to say gobsmacked by its beauty. This nightlight is perfection itself, made from pure white china the bulb inside makes the whole thing glow and radiates a soft and comforting light.

The rabbit is such high quality that when it is off it simply looks like a figurine in its own right.

Tabitha loves the bunny and it has helped with bedtime by creating such a cosy and relaxing vibe.

White Rabbit England don't just make rabbits, there are owls, dogs and lots of other styles of mushrooms or houses.

In fact the whole site is rather gorgeous. Check it out.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cybher 2012 Meet and Greet....

I am attending Cybher12 on May 12th this year. A blogging conference for ALL female bloggers.

Last year was all about Cybermummy, I begged and blagged for sponsorship and was lucky enough to be sponsored by Maclaren to attend. 

This year for Cybher12 I am lucky enough to be attending without sponsorship as I have volunteered my services to Sian for the event. I am staying on site at the conference location for the Friday and the Saturday so if you see me say hi! 

( I will be a bit drunk, holding a cocktail)

Here is my blurb:

Name : Sarah aka Mumra

                           Twitter ID: @mumrablog

Height : Bit shorter than my boyfriend, bit taller than my child.
Hair : Brown, grateful for defrizzing products and straighteners.

Five things you should know about me...
1. My teeth are very straight
2. My daughter is a genius
3. I am the best mother in the world
4. I am fabulous
5. I am not as arrogant in real life

Glossy Box Review Part 2 : The one where I admit I was wrong.

I was not overly impressed with my first Glossy Box, even less impressed with my second. I talked about them here and decided they were not for me.

Never the less the PR company continued to send them, they even offered to send  a Glossy Box for Men for my boyfriend.

It was a good move on the part of the PR company. I have become very fond of my Glossy Box delivery, the content has improved greatly in the last few boxes. There are less sample size items and more useful gorgeous stuff. My boyfriend has purchased a new scent from his box and it shows how well this concept works for products featured inside. 

As a parent I really haven't spent the same amount of time browsing round beauty departments trying every new product or perfume, I just don't have the time or the patience. This service means I get to do it all in the comfort of my own home and the quality of the boxes themselves is lovely. I have re organised my whole bathroom cabinet with storage solutions and it looks fab.

So I have been won over, Glossy Box rocks. Get one, get one a month. Do it.