Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cybher 2012 Meet and Greet....

I am attending Cybher12 on May 12th this year. A blogging conference for ALL female bloggers.

Last year was all about Cybermummy, I begged and blagged for sponsorship and was lucky enough to be sponsored by Maclaren to attend. 

This year for Cybher12 I am lucky enough to be attending without sponsorship as I have volunteered my services to Sian for the event. I am staying on site at the conference location for the Friday and the Saturday so if you see me say hi! 

( I will be a bit drunk, holding a cocktail)

Here is my blurb:

Name : Sarah aka Mumra

                           Twitter ID: @mumrablog

Height : Bit shorter than my boyfriend, bit taller than my child.
Hair : Brown, grateful for defrizzing products and straighteners.

Five things you should know about me...
1. My teeth are very straight
2. My daughter is a genius
3. I am the best mother in the world
4. I am fabulous
5. I am not as arrogant in real life


  1. Looking forward to seeing you there! If you see me with my glasses on in the morning no pictures please. I am as vain as I seem online ;)

  2. Uh, I think you'll find that *I* am the best mother in the world.

    See you at Cybher! :)

  3. Haha brilliant round-up there. I am jealous of your teeth. See you in May :)

  4. sadly i won't get to meet you and discover if you are all that in real life as i have a wedding to attend!! i hope you have a great time and get too drunk lol x

  5. Nice to meet you. Could do with a few tips :o)

  6. Im part of Sians team and staying at the venue too , really looking forward to it!!! :) see you there!

  7. Im am so looking forward to meeting you! 

  8. See you there- I can't wait for CybHer. Should be great fun!

  9. surely you can't be the best mother in the world! there is one room for one and that room is for me ;)
    See you at Cybher!