Sunday, 8 July 2012

John Freida 3 days straight spray review.

I have mad woman curly hair.

It is that kind of hair that every morning I wonder what the hell I would have done in a world without hair dryers and straightners.

For sure I would be single and a virgin!

So when I was asked to review John Frieda 3 days straight spray I was interested. My previous experience of john Frieda Frizz products were the serum which I have always found too heavy and never really taken to.

But I am always willing to try new products and find an answer to cutting out the every morning wash to strip the frizz and start again, which is not ideal when you need to get out the house with a 2 year old by 7:15 am every morning.

The spray arrived and I immediately jumped in the shower ( Ignore the child wearing her fathers shoes and a Everythings Rosie hairband in the background ) and applied the product before drying with a hair dryer and straighteners like always. The results were pretty good.

The next morning I woke up and it looked like this...

Compared to normal it was amazing. usually my fringe is bolt up right!

However I only felt confortable popping to the shop without my normal morning hairwash. There was no way I could have gone anywhere else without washing it again. This was not due to the lack of straightness though so I cannot knock the product. I just felt greasy and itchy without washing it in general.

So if you can go more that a day without a hairwash this product is for you. I am still going to use it because it does help with sytling straight even if I am washing it out the next morning.