Friday, 15 April 2011

Mumra Playlists - Week 9.

I thought it would be nice for us to dedicate our playlists this week to someone special in our lives. As always work the theme however you fancy, just remember to give Mumra a mention and link it up so we can all have a listen.

I have chosen the theme for this week:

This song reminds me of you....

I heard my song choice the other day and it instantly made me think of my friend Helen, it always does. From the age of about 12 I have asked her over a million times to sing the chorus of this song as fast as she possibly can. Helen could hold possibly hold the world record for her efforts its really quite amazing. She also does a mean air guitar....

Good times.

Mumra Playlist


  1. Have entered for the first time this week... love a bit of Guns n Roses, great choice!

  2. Thanks for joining in! x

  3. Are we allowed two entries? I have two special people in mind? Great theme x x x

  4. As many tunes or people as you like! :-)

  5. Louise @ Bloggomy15 April 2011 at 23:18

    Hi! new to your blog - loved your linky so thought I would join in ..... thanks x