Thursday, 7 April 2011

Baby Royale Bamboo Blanket Review.

Hello Baby Direct gave me the chance to review this Babyroyale luxury baby blanket and even though Tabitha is not a newborn she does love a snuggle with a blankie so I agreed. I was also quite intrigued by the material and wanted to see if it really was as soft as they said.

When I buy a blanket for a newborn the main thing I look for is softness, you don't want to put anything else next to their skin. Usually my fabric of choice would be cashmere for its high quality and powder puff softness.

I'm afraid Baby Royale Bamboo Blanket cannot compare to a cashmere one, it is not as soft or of a similar quality. I did not find it luxury enough to justify the label.

The blanket is a good buy for the price, it does stand its ground as a nice gift. If you want a gift that is slightly different and like the alternative material angle it might be for you. The blanket  does come beautifully boxed and washes very well.

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