Friday, 29 April 2011

Happy Birthday Mumra!

It has been one year since I first clicked publish and posted this.

I have been blogging my way through the last 365 days.

In celebration of Mumra turning one I have lined up some fabulous giveaways for my readers.

Frankly these prizes are so good I would like them all for myself but this birthday is not about me or Tabitha, it is about all of the people who read Mumra because lets be honest if you were not reading I would have given up ages ago.

So lets kick off with the first of my prizes up for grabs:

*15% of the spend is donated by the company to a chosen charity.

Big Blue Cuddle is not a regular online shop, it has a fabulous concept behind it.

They work with selected suppliers of the nicest, brightest children clothes that give them great deals on their surplus stock bringing all of us a wonderful and eclectic choice of clothes to buy for newborns to 10 year olds. 

Big Blue Cuddle then donate between 15% and 50% of the value of each sale to a children charity.

It is a fabulous idea and one I think needs promoting from the roof tops!

I have selected Children with Leukaemia .



If you have not explored The Land of Me website then you should pop over and get involved.

It is a beautifully illustrated interactive world for children aged 2-6 and I am honoured to be giving away one of their DVD ROM and two of the activity books to one lucky winner.


RRP: £21.50

Sisters Guild is one of those sites I spend ages spending imaginary money I don't have to spare on gorgeous things for Tabitha.

You lucky people get the chance to win this beautiful patchwork style cushion to adorn your little ones nursery or your sofa depending on how generous your feeling.


So I'm sure you are wondering what you need to do to enter this fantastic giveaway?

I'm making it nice and easy for you all...

All you need to do is comment below saying which items you would like to win, could be one of them, could be all of them and you will be entered into the draw for each one you request - in return I simply ask you share your Mumra love with everyone by telling us your favourite article featured on Mumra during the last year.

The winners will be announced 13th May 2011.

P.S Thanks for all the support, advice and laughter you have given me in the last year of writing Mumra. x


  1. My favourite post was the car seat conspiracy, I was really shocked by the video and love the idea of the fold down seat to use. I have been following you on twitter through my various accounts *ahem* and each time made sure I found you again. Love your blog, no messing, not a wanna be, tell it like it is :) wishing you another successful year.
    I would love to win the Big Blue Cuddle vouchers please. Now going over to drool over their site ;)

  2. Please can I enter. I'd love to win the Big Blue Cuddle vouchers. My beautiful Boy Three deserves some style of his own instead of being permanently in hand-me-downs.

  3. I would love to win the sisters guild cushion pwease :)
    fave post has got to be the cbeebies burning unanswered questions one!

  4. I'd like to win the cushion please...! My fave post of yours has to be the "Don't hate me I didn't sign up for this..." because it's SO true of how I feel and it's hilarious to read it through someone else's eyes!

    You are frigging WICKED Mumra.


  5. Maria @verybusymama30 April 2011 at 23:34

    Happy Blogaversary! Mine is this month too. Here's to many more years! Maria x

  6. Sarah Gainsborough1 May 2011 at 12:54

    Well done Mumra! My favourite post is "the sods law of parenting"- hilarious and so true. Loved all the readers comments! I would be over joyed to be entered to win all three prizes- that sounds greedy but gotta love a competition! Love Sarah x

  7. Sarah Gainsborough1 May 2011 at 14:42

    Well done Mumra! My favourite post is "the sods law of parenting"- hilarious and so true. Loved all the readers comments! I would be over joyed to be entered to win all three prizes- that sounds greedy but gotta love a competition! Love Sarah x

  8. Ah, Bec Metcalf beat me to it on the Cbeebies blog post. I also loved the one about your "social skills" and the whole weight fitness journey with Nuffield healthcentre - esp "feeling it"! Well done you for being so hugely prolific and bloody funny too, a whole year, love it! I'd soooo love the Blue Cuddles voucher! Xx

  9. Hi
    Congratulations on your first year of blogging...
    I like memes, so the one word meme post was an idea that you could adapt to other situations...
    My son would love the Land of Me game, so I'd like a chance to win those please :)
    Keep up the good work !

  10. missleslieanne1 May 2011 at 15:45

    Happy Birthday!
    Congrats on keeping up the cool for a year :D

    Me, I would verily love to win the Big Blue Cuddle voucher - had never heard of the site before reading this, tis now firmly in my 'stuff for little legs' favourites folder - gorgeous idea.

    And as for a favourite post, I did giggle a lot at your cBeebies snog marry avoid, but am also loving the weeking playlists.
    *And* I have nicked your knowledge from here: several times too :)

  11. I'd love to win the Big Blue Cuddle voucher or the Land of Me DVD.
    The sods law of parenting is my favourite. My daughter definitely waits until the quietest places (public of course) to do a loud trump.
    Happy blogoversary x

  12. DeliciousNessy4 May 2011 at 20:43

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!
    Well, I thought that your post about how it's hard to socialise with other "mumsy mums" as it's not just being a mum that defines you, was really interesting and one I totally get. I also (as you well know) very much enjoy Mumra Playlists. They are brilliant and hope that they become super popular.
    I would like to be entered into the draw for the LOVE cushion, it would look fab in my new house (when, not if we get it) and also the Big Blue Cuddle voucher please.
    Here's too many more years of Mumra xx

  13. CBeebies blog, clearly - and yes, I'd like all prizes please - thank you very much xx

  14. OOh they are all such lovely prizes, but would have to be either the big cuddle voucher (love the fact they donate money to such a worthy cause) or the of Me DVD and books.

    Very many happy returns hope you have had a fab first birthday!

  15. Forgot to say my fav post was endemetriosis my story can really relate with it and it really struck a cord with me (the Cbeebies one made me really chuckle though I am torn??)

  16. Happy one year! One of my favourite posts was Parenting Perfection. It was one of the first that I read and the reason I started following you as it was so honest.

    I would like to enter all three please.