Thursday, 7 April 2011

Gtech Germ Guard Power Sweeper Review.

Right I'll be honest normally I would have said 'thanks but no thanks' to this review, but you see my beloved Dyson had a little accident involving a Fisher Price Dog.

So while I got hold of another rubber belt for my old faithful Dyson and as I am one of those mad people with kids who has cream carpets the email hit my inbox just at the right time.

The Gtech Germ Guard Power Sweeper is a very good bit of kit, it is rechargeable and a full charge gives you about 30 minutes of go. 

The sweeper was properly put to the test me not having a hoover, I actually did the whole house over a few days when I could stand the floors no longer. The results were excellent, the pull out drawer fills with fluff and crumbs and is easy to empty. The contents also shows how effective the suction is on this little beauty. 

I have got quite attached to it. Tabitha calls it the 'Whoosh' and I think it has helped her overcome her fear of the Dyson as the noise is more subtle she is now less hysterical when I use the big hoover.

Anyway I'm ranting, its only a floor sweeper. Get one, you'll love it.

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