Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Welcome to the Jungle.

I have two settling sessions booked for Tabitha at her new nursery. Although I have no concerns about her attending nursery and feel she is more than ready for the social aspects I am a little nervous for her. I have talked before about my own shoddy social skills when meeting new people and I can't help but feel anxious at her first engagement with her new peers.

As I throw her into a class of children and leave her to find her way I am more than aware it is her essentially becoming her future self. The way she interacts with these children is so important, childhood friendships and experiences really do form so much of our longterm social skills. I think what makes me nervous the most is that she is kind of on her own with this task; she must make the decisions of who she likes and who she doesn't, who she spends her day playing with and who she steers away from. 

What can I really do to help? 

I know. 

I shall give her an excellent outfit, make sure she smells of vanilla and stick on a name badge. I mean, who could resist a well dressed child who smells of cake and has a face like that anyway?


  1. Absolutely! We have to let go a little bit at a time. It's not easy but it always comes good in the end.

    CJ xx

  2. Freyja starts tomorrow too at a pre-school style nursery that accepts from 2yo.

    Shitting myself! Although looking forward to the spare time...

    Just hope she's as confident as I think she'll be x

  3. Ahhhhh! Look at her, like a big girl.
    If I was tiny and met someone who smelt of vanilla and had a good outfit I would be friends with them. These are points I shall ensure that Sam also knows for when he goes to nursery too. x

  4. Thanks, I am really excited for her but nervous at the same time. x

  5. Oh wow, hope it all goes well.

    Reckon the girls are probably already sighing and saying 'oh Mum I'm fine' ;-)

  6. Hah, I was the exact same before Mo started and I resorted to ther same tactics. Mo always sports the coolest shoes and rocks the nursery uniform with style ;o)
    The thing I found hard was was that having all the knowledge of the eyfs and the nvq in childcare etc did not help me one jot ....because it is your child, and therefore totally different!!!

  7. Oh bless! it is nerve-wracking those first few sessions. I hated it! Hope she settles in well, I'm sure all will be fine! :)