Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cbeebies: The Great Mysteries of Cbeebies.

Over the past 16 months I have seen ALOT of Cbeebies! 

Returning to work and Tabitha attending nursery full time is going to mean a huge adjustment in our viewing time so I thought I'd share a list of our Cbeebies mysteries...

Why when Everything is Rosie is so perfect for retail marketing as a doll why has she not been made?

Why was Mr Tumble in the winter song but not Cerrie and Alex?

What is the criteria to read the bedtime stories as a celeb? I thought Kimberly Walsh was a strange choice.

Sids hair is it dreaded or shaved now? His hair has played havoc with your continuity of filming.

How much botox has Sarah Jayne had? Has she left any for anyone else?

What was the deal with Cerrie and Nisha? I thought they might actually kick off at one point?

Is Sid seeing Cerrie? They'd make a very cute and overly chirpy couple.

Whose idea was it to make James Corden Charley Bears voice? Sack them immediately. 

Is Katie taking any medication? If shes not perhaps she should.

If anyone at the BBC could clear these up for me before I return to work I'd be really grateful, it would free up some brain space.



  1. Sid's hair is a running joke in our house, my husband will often shout into the kitchen "it's gone short now". The god awful Mighty mites is only good for laughing at how odd Sarah Jane looks nowadays, why on earth anyone thought that was a good idea I don't know.

    I can solve one of your mysteries though, Everything's Rosie toys will be out in June :)

  2. The McCaskie Clan14 April 2011 at 15:12

    Haha, Sids hair has been a mystery to us for some time too! My husband actually thought it was 2 different guys at one point lol!

  3. Haha how funny!

    I'm excited about the Rosie dolls, even if Tabitha doesn't want one I do!

  4. His weight has gone up and down too. I was a bit confused at one point!

  5. Yes I was thinking that too, although standing next to Andy would make anyone look bigger

  6. My daughter is only 15 weeks so we aren't at the cbeebies stage yet, but this morning it was on in the background because I think she likes the noises. Is it bad to say that I find some of the presenters a little scary?!!

  7. I can't bear Sarah Jane. We're actually just starting to move away from CBeebies because my children (4, 3 and 3) tell me all the programmes are rubbish. It breaks my heart - yet another indicator that they're growing up!

  8. But soon they will be able to make you tea so its ups and downs! ;-)

  9. Wait, do Cerrie and Nisha hate each other? Nisha annoys the hell out of me but if it's nice and blatant I may tune in again, you know, for funsies.

    I used to work at CBBC, if only I still did, I could clear all that up for you.

  10. Oh I wish you could!

    Yes when they say each others names its like snakes hissing, one set of footage a few months ago was painful to watch..

    I'd love to know the details!

  11. Excellent post. I have often wondered about Sid's hair.

    Have you asked Alex these questions on twitter? He'd tell you, although he'll probably avoid the ones about Sarah out of diplomacy. I asked him about the Winter song & apparently it was an old one.

  12. I have tweeted Alex but I'm sure he is far too diplomatic to get involved! ;-)

  13. Amen to the confusion about Sid's hair - and did you notice how fast Andy's grew over Christmas?

    And personally, I'd pay good money to see Cerrie bitch slap Nisha.

  14. Not sure about katie and her medication, but she has got a pair of lovely green boots.  

  15. i think that every time i see sid his hair is shorter