Friday, 11 March 2011

Mumra Playlists - Week 4.

I have so many ideas for themes I struggled this week to decide which one to use. 

You guys have done me proud on the previous posts and each playlist has such variety and heart poured into the choices. I have heard new artists and been reminded of great songs that brought with them snippets of memories long forgotten.

I hope you will continue to put your own takes on the themes and that is why I purposely chose a slightly open subject this week.

The chosen theme is...

Guilty Pleasures

Carmen McRae - How Long Has This Been Going On (MJ Cole Remix)

I adore the album this is featured on Verve Remixed.

The album is packed with modern remixes of some classic Jazz songs. I don't think there is anything more relaxing than Jazz especially when sung by a woman. It is simply dream music for me, like the day and the stresses just float away.

My Guilty Pleasure is a long hot bath, candles and these tunes.


Mumra Playlist


  1. I live rave music can I join your list mrs mumra?

  2. If you have a tune that fits the theme or any of the past themes just post it on your blog, add my badge and use the URL or use the direct utube URL if you don't have a blog and add it to the linky... EASY.

  3. What little street cred I had just vanished thanks to this theme :P I may now have to start wearing a paper-bag....

  4. Haha! Thanks for taking part. x

  5. Hello - my first time taking part this week - I love the playlist idea!

  6. Thanks for joining in! Look forward to seeing your selection. x

  7. I love this song! I've just done my first one!! Sorry it took me so long, but it's a fab idea and I'm doing it EVERY week now! x

  8. I quite like that, never heard it before :)

  9. You should look at the album its full of similar stuff you might enjoy.

  10. Again a great choice and one I am nt familiar with! I will do mine and link it up, haven't had much time this weekend x