Tuesday, 1 March 2011

This is me Meme.

I'm not a fan of memes in general. I hate answering questions about myself and I usually conveniently forget if I get tagged in them.

However this meme has been doing the rounds after Tara started it up and I have now been tagged by the lovely Jane of How I like my coffee.

The challenge is this:

'Ask your child - their age doesn't matter - to draw a picture of you.
Post it on your blog.
Let's call it the This is Me Meme
Err, that's it.
Pass it on to your friends/enemies if you want to.

Seeing as this is basically child labour and requires me to do nothing, I set the child the task.

This is me.

To be honest I don't think she put the effort in.

I'm tagging some of my favourite bloggers in this one to take revenge for the times they have tagged me and I've probably ignored it.

Jenny - Mummy Mishaps.
Kate - What Katies kids did next.
Becca - Beetroot and Gerkins.
Amy - Miss Cherry Red.

Get to it wenches. 
Chop, Chop.


  1. It's a very nice portrait of mummy :)

  2. I like how T-Lo has done your hair. It looks purdy.

  3. Pah! Thanks for the tag. I feel the same as you about tags, nice at the time, then i end up forgetting. Will try to do this though as Montys artists impression could be humorous!

  4. It going to be ALL the rage next season!

  5. Yep I always 'forget' too!

    Besides it shut the child up for 5 minutes. x