Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mother Nature v's Planet Earth.

The images we have seen coming in from Japan the last few days have been horrific. A reminder of how small we are, how powerful mother nature is and how fragile the planet really is. 

I cannot begin to comment on the scientific reasons for the events that have created the devastation in Japan or the events leading up to the 2004 Tsunami. I am not equipped to comment, like most of you I just sit open mouthed as the media repeat images of buildings falling apart, of waves surging inland carrying debris and vehicles smashing through homes. 

I shed tears for the people effected and thank God that my family and friends are safe but each time this happens, and it seems more frequent with the much increased media reporting my mind starts to wonder...

What kind of planet am I leaving my child?

I do not want Tabitha to witness ever increasing natural disasters as she grows into an adult. It was not my intention to bring a child into a world that is falling apart.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I watch too many Sci-fi films. The movie 2012 has always haunted my mind since I saw it. The CGI effects of our plant falling apart are almost too uncomfortable and realistic to watch.

Photos courtesy of Sony.

I really have no idea what causes the earthquakes, I *believe* it is not directly related to global warming but the concerns I have about this planets future led me back to another film I have been scarred by. 

I'd like to think everyone at least watches this film, even if they don't agree with it afterwards. It is just stuff you need to have an opinion on, especially if you are bringing children into this world.

[ I was unable to post the actual film so watch the trailer and then click the link below for the full film. I will say the trailer is VERY classic American OTT so please see the full film for the actual facts. ] 

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  1. I haven't seen this film, but now I want to. Scary stuff, especially when you think of the world we are leaving our children!