Friday, 25 March 2011

Mumra Playlist - Week 6.

Now that I am a parent one of the things I never do anymore is listen to music to fall asleep.

In my life before Tabitha I always used music to help me drift off. These days I need no help, just a relatively flat surface and I'm gone in seconds.

This week I have decided to revisit those days of freedom and have selected one of my favourite tunes for this weeks theme. Which is :

Dream Time

I love this tune, it holds so many great memories for me and has a real cathartic effect of washing away any stress from the day. So lay back and enjoy...

Feel free to link up your favourite Dream Time tune. Don't forget to give Mumra a little mention so people know where it all started. If you like add the badge below so people can come back and listen to the other entries too.

Mumra Playlist


  1. great choice Sarah x

  2. Brilliant tune, and the album was ace too. Mad as a bag of door knobs, the Orb. ;)

  3. I reckon they might have had some assistance in getting the vibes right man.....

    Music of an era.

  4. I've posted something from pretty much the same era...

  5. Brilliant tune, goes together well with my choices. Off to post x

  6. great song and takes me back to my trancey clubbing days at Whirl-y-Gig!