Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mini Club mid season sale at Boots.

Don’t miss out on the mini club mid season sale at Boots

Save up to 50% on selected lines

I love the clothes at Boots. I always have a browse when I go in for bits and pieces. Recently I have been surprised at the originality of some of the items. The range is also well priced and good quality.

The mini club collection covers ages 0 - 6 years old. 
If you haven't had a look at the stock in your local Boots you should, I think you'll be surprised.

I love this spring dress, the mish-mash of patterns is really cute.

Matching pants, say no more!

I think Tabitha would look adorable in this nautical number!


  1. Ahh, we stocked up at Boots at the weekend.

    I love their clothes too - do they still do Molly and Jack do you know? Not seen those for a while.

    Got some great bargains - a cerise pink tutu style skirt for £6 and 2 dresses for £8.

    I was a happy bunny :0)

  2. Yep, Tabs has some really nice bits from there.

    People always comment on them and then are shocked when I say they are Boots.

    I'll try and find out if they do the Molly and Jack stuff for you. x