Wednesday, 30 March 2011

No7 Sumptuous Bath Soak and Body Serum Review.

With Mothers Day on Sunday fast approaching I though I would do a mummy product review and why the hell not I hear you say! Oh that was me was it? Nevermind.

My bath has recently been taken over by ducks; big ones, little ones, yellow ones, black ones, one that tells the temperature and one that squirts water. It seems less bother to just jump in the shower these days than fight with the ducks. I tend to lose anyway and they all dive in for the attack once I'm rinsing my hair.

This week however I had some lovely inspiration to ditch the ducks and have some serious mummy bath time. I was sent some of the No7 Sumptuous Bathsoak and Body Serum  from Boots to try out and took great pleasure in telling myself it was for research and I must allocate myself a long hot soak. 

This bath soak smells divine and left my skin feeling soft and velvety. My skin can at times be quite sensitive to this type of product but was fine with both the soak and the serum too. The serum absorbed into my skin quickly and left no stickiness or residue. It rehydrated my dry knees and backs of my heels almost instantly. I would definitely use these products again. 

Which means the ducks are in trouble.....



  1. Poor ducks! The bath soak sounds lovely, it's good when they do those £5 off no.7 vouchers in Boots - don't feel guilty about treating myself then!

  2. Me too! The vouchers you get for £5 off are great too really helps you feel better about treating yourself!