Friday, 9 December 2011

I need me a Blogger Calender.

In order to get my mitts on a Blogger Calender full of shots taken from Cybermummy 2011 I need to write a little blog CV for Tara and Jay.

I hate all photos of myself and eventually I will need to get my hands on all copies to burn them, so winning one would be a start.....

Mumra Blog CV

Name: Mumra

Origins of Mumra: Fear of going braindead while on maternity leave led me to create my parenting blog. I originally wanted to help other parents with my knowledge as a nursery manager in my real life, however I quickly realised it was much more fun to talk rubbish and review stuff.

Twitter: I tweet as @mumrablog, I used to tweet a lot now I work full time not so much.

My mission statement: To stay a true Stepford Reject and Hold Onto My Cool With Both Hands.

Now give me that calender. Only 99 more to go....

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