Saturday, 11 December 2010

Forgetting yourself.

Parties, Nightclubs, Bars, Cocktails, Doormen, Dj's all used to be a part of my world. I worked in a nightclub owned by some friends just some part time shifts at first, working the cloakroom or taking money on the door. I loved it, i loved the atmosphere, the dealing with customers even the drunk ones. 

When my personal situation changed and i needed a full time job i jumped at the chance to become the bar manager and spent a year sleeping all day and working all night. Its a weird life never seeing daylight, only mixing with other people working those shifts. You get well known by taxi drivers, the local police and kebab shop owners but your own neighbours have no idea who you are.

I was single at the time and loved the social life it brought with it. I was always sober until the club closed so it wasn't about the drinking, it was about being part of giving people a good night out, creating an environment. Working a bar is damn hard work, especially when its busy, sticky spirits can get in places you never imagined possible and your ability to sense a fight kicking off is like a superpower after a while, you can smell it in the air.

Why am i telling you all of this? 

Because yesterday while i was soaking the dried fruit for my Christmas cake, i smelt the brandy and suddenly remembered.


  1. That is really wonderful. I think the sense of smell is the best memory sense.

  2. I also used to love working a bar, and i also find smell the most evocative sense.


  3. I used to walk past this patch of damp in an block of flats I lived in and it totally made me think of my Nan and visiting her old council house.

    Sometimes I'd stand there and smell it for the sole reason of remebering.

  4. I find it very strange when I remember who I used to be, I'm sure she's still in there somewhere! Great post.

  5. I worked in a bar when I was younger. I did a lot of the marketing and what not. I miss it like hell. I love having my little boy, I breastfed for two years and gave up going out all together, went on mat leave and then started a full time office job.

    I definitely miss my past life. From reading some of your other posts it seems you've got Mummy Time/Me Time perfectly balanced and that's really hard to achieve. Go you!


  6. Fabulous post! Smells and aromas can be amazingly evocative and what lovely memories it brought back.

  7. I had a little moment at the weekend as I googled 'what to plant in February' and remembered the days of googling 'best clubs in Agia Napa', How times change.
    Sense of smell is definitely the most nostalgic, I can still smell the bar I used to work in too!

  8. I get that - I worked in nightclubs and cabaret bars for 4 years. I still dont get how I could stay up all night when working in that environment, and still functioned in the day & yet when my son didnt sleep through the night I was constantly exhaused!