Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Homemade Traditions.

This year i hosted Christmas at our house for both our families and it was my biggest hosting event to date. It made me start thinking about Christmas traditions that were part of my childhood and my partners, the things that 30 years later we still link with 'our Christmas' experience.

Do traditions just create themselves or do we create them?

I made my first Christmas cake this year and intend to do so every year. I wonder will my Christmas cake feature in Tabithas Christmas memories when she reflect on her childhood, i hope so.

My mums childhood Christmas memories were of her milkman Grandfather never being generous with the cream portions to go with her Christmas pudding and as a result we always have gallons!

My memories of Christmas Eve will always involve having a naughty sherry glass of Baileys before bed. I was always so excited about being allowed alcohol that it was years later i realised it was a tactic to help us go to sleep before 3am!

What are the Christmas traditions in your household?

What ones from your childhood have you carried over into your own childrens?


  1. Your cake looks fab! For me it's all or nothing. If we are at home I do the whole Shebang, tree up first week of Christmas, pressies for all and champers all round with turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas day. But every other year (this included) we are abroad visiting relatives or friends, in which case I just turn up with champers and enjoy the local traditions...this year we are in the Alps which is snowy and picture perfect, but my fave Christmas abroad is Sydney, and the yacht race that starts on boxing day. Takes some beating...

  2. Have to say i'm thinking of us going away next Christmas, i really like the idea of a few presents in a suitcase!