Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Gallery - Love.

The last gallery theme of the year is Love. 

Me, Laura, Rebecca, Helen, Katrina, and Michelle.

We have all been friends for a long, long time.  

A group of girls from my hometown, a mixture of ages, a mixture of personalities, a cocktail of aims and goals, but importantly all with the same sense of humour.

Through all the trials of life: good times, bad times, births, deaths, marriage, and divorce. 

We have lived together, travelled together and been miles apart.

I love them all, they are my girls.

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  1. Perfect last gallery post :) you are such hotties too! Can't beat a group of best friends I love mine to bits too x

  2. Aw and what gorgeous girlies you all are too. You can see the joy and companionship in that great picture xxx

  3. I feel all warm and fuzzy (and deeply unglamorous!)

  4. That's really lovely, after al,l what is life without friends? Enjoy them and have a lovley Christmas

  5. how fab. love this photo. enjoy christmas.

  6. What a lovely picture. How great that you are all still in touch through thick and thin!

  7. Headhuntress mentioned your gallery this week so I came via her blog a little late this week! What a lovely interpretation, love the 'cocktail of aims and goals' description. That's so what girlfriends are about.