Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Surrogacy started me thinking...

Nicole Kidman, Elton John, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been in the news recently for their use of surrogate mothers. All clearly had their reasons for having babies using surrogates, Eltons being the most obvious. Its a wonderful thing being able to achieve parenthood via any means and i'll state now that I am really happy for the said couples.

However it started me thinking (always a dangerous thing).....

Does this more frequent use of surrogate mothers start to nudge us into concerning territory. Will it become such a regular occurrence that couples without good reason start to decide its a better option than a mother carrying her own child?

You can see the benefits:

No loss of earnings for the mother while heavily pregnant
No looking like a beach ball for nine months
No possible effect on sexual relationship due to looking like a beach ball
Etc, Etc...
A genetic child of your own arriving on the doorstep literally

Then I started thinking of baby farms (stick with me..)

What of the women who would work on these 'farms' who carry the babies?
No doubt it'll be a great little earner for some women, these parents will surely pay highly for the nine month contract.
It'll be a position that will require no qualification as such.
Will it end up being a easy route to a paid job for many uneducated women?

I know it all sounds a little Mad Max and I admit I watch too many futuristic films but will I be too far off?
Who will stop us from having a future full of high achieving, highly paid parents selecting healthy young uneducated women to carry their children for them, perhaps each house will have one, perhaps she could double as the nanny?

Am i taking it too far yet?

Are you glad you're not in my head?


  1. I know some parents have no choice obviously but i thinkingcarrying your baby gives u a special bond. Im pretty sure money can not be exchanged for this though. I don't think u are taking it too far either it could become a lot more popular especially if people decide they want children later on in life with less risks involved.

  2. D'you know something, I had a dream a bit like this the other night.....I was being taken on a tour of a place where women were paid to basically gestate other people's kids one after another after another.....it was really bloody frightening!

  3. Yeah see i did not enjoy being pregnant really, i'm not sure if there was an option that was quite accepted by society i might take it.

  4. Yes! This is my vision for the future.

    Glad i'm not the only weirdo! ;-)

  5. Mumra...are you stoned??? ;o)

  6. I'm deep, what can i say?

  7. It probably would majorly take off if it was allowed to. I loved being pregnant first time round...this time round it started as vomit central and then turned into binge eat central and I've enjoyed it a million times less - I wonder if they'd come up with some way of 'swapping' part way through and making someone else take over if it all gets too pukey...

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  9. Sounds a bit like 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood. Women in baby farms. Such a fabulous book.

    I like what goes on in your head. It is always entertaining!

  10. Oooh i'm going to check that out!

  11. I can see where you are coming from with these thought processes. I think the danger will be if it becomes legal over here to pay surrogates, which I believe at the moment in the UK anyway it is not. It could easily becmoe the next big thing for all those career women who love their size 8 figures and darent eat a chip let alone carry a baby but I guess only time will tell! Man you have a mind like mine LOL!

  12. I can see where you're coming from but for me I would never use a surrogate unless I had to. I can think of nothing better than carrying my own child(ren), keeping them safe for 9 months, having all that time to bond with them, feel all those amazing changes. And I haven't even had one yet!

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