Sunday, 2 January 2011

Baby Loves Disco at Brighton Komedia Club.

Heading out on a chilly winter Sunday to take my baby girl to her first disco seemed slightly mental (especially as there was thick snow everywhere), but we were determined to get Cinderella to the ball.

Waiting for the Choo Choo....

Baby Loves Disco had taken over the Komedia Club in Brighton, transforming the popular venue into a baby safe disco complete with facepainting, party games, snacks and most important of all a fully licensed bar.

Beautiful winter evening in Brighton.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the friendly staff who stored our buggies and belongings without any fuss allowing us to hit that dance floor.

Tabitha was partying for the day with her friend Betty and both Mums were eager to see how the little ravers would cope with such a busy place.  Turns out neither Tabitha or Betty gave a seconds notice to their new surroundings, as both spotted toys and scooted off to play without even a glance over their shoulders.

This left the parents shadowing the little ravers for most of our stay (not to dissimilar to a private security team), apologising to crying children, handing back stolen toys, dodging eager dancers and providing refreshments when required.

There was no stopping Betty from getting in the thick of it!

The venue was busy and well laid out for adults and children.

Throughout the event the DJ kept the crowd entertained with a variety of competitions (for both the kids and the parents) and a constant supply of popular tunes spanning the last few decades which evoke that dancing feeling in most of us.

Its safe to say both parents and children enjoyed their time at Baby Loves Disco.  The event is very well thought out and supervised, making it perfect for friends with kids looking to get together for a fun and secure afternoon of gossip, laughter and the occasional bought of Dad dancing.

Speaking of which I was genuinely pleased to see so many Dads in attendance.  I can't stand estrogen only fuelled events, they make me twitch and imagine witches conventions.

Once Tabitha & Betty have mastered some new dance moves (and the art of sharing) we will be returning to Baby Loves Disco the next time it rocks up in Brighton.

Find the next Baby Loves Disco event nearest you.

Entry Price: £8 per walking human (Includes baby snacks)

"One day i'll be up here.."


  1. Cute! I'll prob take the kids to the February one, you up for it? x

  2. Yes we are definately up for it! Think it's a valentines bash, bless! Have to get Naomi down there too! X