Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cybermummy2011 Nerves.

I have talked about my rubbish social skills before so it won't surprise you that i'm already stressing about the big event of the year.

I have been lucky enough to be sponsored by Maclaren to attend and my ticket is brought and paid for. Now it just down to me to get myself to London and actually talk to people. It might seem crazy to some of you because we all talk all the time, online and on each others blog comments but in real life? Not so much, if at all.

Will we be the same face to face?

Social Networking can let us create an alter ego very easily and without knowing it sometimes we can become something we might not be in real life, an exaggerated version of our day to day selves. 

I wonder if the people who i chat with on Twitter will be so quick to cross a room to talk to me, will i to them. When we do will we be what each other expects? And if not, how do we get away! 

Of course i'm not totally negative i may meet people who are just as i imagine and we may get on like a house on fire. This could be the start of some amazing new friendships, friendships i may have for life.

But... It could be like the saying: Never meet your heroes. 

When i have real life encounters of all these fellow bloggers will it all feel the same? Do i really want to mess with something i enjoy?

Other concerns are, Will i know who anyone is? Everyone and i mean everyone has their best angle in their avatar. That is if you even have a face, i'm slightly worried there will be 5"6 Blythe Dolls and Anime characters walking around. 

Will we even recognise each other? I can see myself walking straight past someone i spent half the previous evening tweeting.

When i get like this and worry about a social event i run through possible outcomes in my head...

A) I am in my element surrounded by interesting like minded people who are friendly, chatty and all mixing amongst each other and having a great time. 

B) I am standing nervously on my own in a corner observing lots of small clicky groups who are eyeing each other up behind hair flicks and over shoulder glances.

C) I check into my hotel order wine and watch tv all day while watching the tweets roll in on my iphone.

Is there anyone out there who can promise me it'll be option A?


  1. veryboredincatalunya13 January 2011 at 15:51

    I think it's perfect normal to feel nervous, it's a bit like going on a first date but with hundreds of people.

    I'm sure you'll be fine and have a fab time, I'm hoping to attend myself this year although I doubt I'll be so lucky as to get a sponsor.

  2. I will come up to you and go "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" !! lol

    At the end of the day, you are just a normal person like me and everyone else!

  3. Oh i hope you do! Will you be wearing your stripy blanket if you do go? :-D

  4. Yes i guess we will all be a bit nervous, i am fantastically rubbish at this kind of thing.


  5. I'm hoping to make it to Cybermummy too - although I haven't got a ticket yet and my year is already looking rather expensive *looks for a sponsor to pop up and offer*

    And aren't you Chichester way? If so, we could always try and get some Hampshire/West Sussex-based bloggers together pre-event for a cuppa or a glass of vino :)


  6. You know me and hopefully Will be there.
    Adele Xx

  7. I am soooo with you on this one! But thought that I was the only one silly enough to be worried about it already!
    It's got to be an A, hasn't it?! If not and it turns out to be a B, look out for me in the other corner ;-)

  8. I swear it's not as scary once you are there and everyone is so excited and trying to read each other's badges without staring at people's boobs - which is very hard btw! :) Promise you'll come and talk to me, I'll have a glass of wine in hand from as early as possible x

  9. I don't have a superglam icon and I look pretty much exactly the same, so most people I knew recognised me straight away. I'm exactly the same as I am online according to everyone I've ever met - and in fact an amazing number of people are. There was quite a lot of hugging, and cackling. You'll have a lovely time - I'll look out for you!

  10. If I was there it'd be option A and we'd rock it! But I've not even attempted anything re cybermummy yet :o(

  11. You daft sod, it will definitely be A!! If it's any reassurance, last year everyone pretty much talked to everyone. There was lots of table hopping, lots of excited recognition as well as shy "who are you?" and then squeals, and of course people start to gel in groups because that's only natural but EVERYONE was so friendly. The atmosphere was fantastic.

    I shall be the one rugby-tackling you to the ground. That will be your first clue.

  12. A!

    I shall be the one with the slightly dishevelled blonde hair and the enormous glass of wine. I shall be expecting a kiss AT LEAST (no tongues) xx

  13. I'm coming down from scotland and more nervous about finding my way around london than anything else at the moment. Once I've got past that hurdle, it will be on to the going into a room where I haven't met anyone in person issue. Slightly apprehensive about it just now, but will be hugely by June, but I am sure it will all be fine really. Well I think so. Um, yes, it will be ok.

  14. I will be there and I think we will manage to meet each other at some point before then. Last year I arranged to meet one of the bloggers I already knew before it started so we were not alone. I shouldn't have worried though, EVERYONE was very friendly and lovely, even the people that intimidate me online (not in a bad way, in a 'oh god you are popular' way. There was much trying to read people's badges to be sure they were who you thought they were (very difficult without staring at boobs!)

    Josie has described it perfectly, but watch out for that one. I have a photo of her hugging me and licking my face. She is so very friendly!

    It was simply the best non-mummy day of my year last year. This year I will have a baby with me so there will be less wine I guess but hopefully no less fun!

  15. oh no i'm definitely silly enough to be worried already!

    We will be the corner crew, we can wave to the other saddos in the other corners too!

  16. Yeay your going! It will be lovely to meet you!

  17. I love that you have just called me a daft sod.

    If you actually do rugby tackle me i might wet my pants. x

  18. I can vouch as your real life friend that you do not have rubbish social skills and you are every bit as brilliant as you come across to be on twitter/blogger.

    I won't be there to hold your hand *cough* get pissed with you but you will have a great time, i just know it x

  19. This is exactly why I am still undecided about buying a ticket! You will get everyone picking option A) for you though my sweets xxxx

  20. The advice I'll give you is what I did last year when I felt exactly the same way. Arrange to meet a blogger you know well and get along with at a train station etc prior to arriving. Stick together for as long as you are both feeling a bit uneasy, or if your like me and notsosinglemum we stuck tgether all day! It gives you a crutch even if only a light one.
    We all feel the same I promise you. I thoguht I was alone in bricking it last year but reality is your not, we are all scared witless of meeting people we've never met in person before. You'll be fine! Honest. Its so different on the day!

  21. Ah well if you went i know it would be option A!

    Probably option ''off to a nightclub' ' too!


  22. Ah thanks B. xxx

  23. Oh nooo I would feel totally the same if I was going. Hopefully it'll be fine though/. Maybe try to meet up with 1 or 2 people just before you go in?? Hope you end up enjoying it!!

  24. Oh, silly - it will definitely be A! I get slightly nervous but I've been to different things along similar lines - think meets from discussion boards as well as NCT conferences and I've yet to meet someone I really disliked. I think it does help having met one or two others before - certainly, I will have met a few by then and have already met a few like Nickie from Typecast, Sandie from Baby Baby and Amy from And one more means five etc.

    I would also suggest perhaps finding out who else is stopping near you and meeting them there so that you don't do it alone. If you don't get on, as soon as you get there, you will be able to meet lots of other people anyway.

  25. The bottom line is that there is only one to know for sure, and that is to go and throw yourself into it.

    I think we enjoy these things and have fun as much as we make up our minds too. More often than not is us holding ourselves back rather than the event itself. If you go, just decide to leave your fears at the door and get stuck in.

    You are more likely to regret what you don't do rather than what you do!!!

    Am thinking of going myself this year. Hope to see you there.