Monday, 3 January 2011

Keep on pushing...

New year is always filled with resolutions for the forth coming twelve months, mine is no different. I am setting myself a few goals and making sure i have to stick to them by blabbing about them on social media sites meaning there is no way out!

Last year i took part in the Race For Life 5k in memory of my brother Matthew. I talked about my experience in an article with Top Sante, it was my kick start to losing weight last year and i'm planning the same this year. However to challenge myself i am signing up for the 10k!

Keeping my focus on being fit enough to complete the run will help to keep my motivation going as i continue with my Nuffield Health and Fitness gym sponsorship, my weekly routines and new healthy diet. 

If you are thinking of losing weight this year then i cannot stress enough how having an event to get you moving can help you achieve great things.

I am taking part in a support group with some other bloggers being run by Liz Jarvis at Living with kids. We all intend to lose weight and get healthy this year and are supporting each other via email and social media sites to keep eachother motivated. So if you are on twitter and see the #newyearnewbody tag, thats us discussing our goals and achievements. 

On Wednesday i have a review with my personal trainer at the gym to see how i can push myself harder to achieve a better fitness level for the run. 

I'm really hoping he takes it easy on me!


  1. It's so brilliant that you're doing the 10k - and I'm sure your experience will help and motivate others too! xxx

  2. Positive post for the start of your fitness regime. xx

  3. Thanks Liz,

    Hoping it will help me push that bit harder, 5k was hard last year! x

  4. Lets hope it stays that way! ;-)


  5. Good gal! Will come along to drink tea and cheer you on from the sideline for definate. x