Monday, 31 January 2011

Sherbie New Shoes.

I took Tabitha-Lo to Clarks on Sunday to see if the cute boots she has been wearing were too small or just a pain to put on. The time had come for a properly fitted shoe. 

Firstly I was gutted to see the electronic foot-measuring machine gone. The highlight of my childhood was having my feet measured by the machine and the only reason I agreed to wear Clark’s shoes, as I grew older.

Alas it has gone and the slider foot measuring handhelds are back... We took our ticket and waited.

I am not a fan of Clarks baby shoes generally, I dislike the colors of their crawlers and cruiser shoes. They are strong colours leaving you having to match a whole outfit around the shoes. Mums who are obsessed with things like that its a nightmare, Clarks you do yourself no favours bringing out bright pink or purple shoes. As for flashing lights...don't get me started.

I was pleasantly surprised by some rather classy looking furry boots and when the girl announced that Tabitha was wearing shoes 2 sizes too small for her, I think mainly from guilt I immediately purchased them. I am not usually a massive fan of this type of boot but if you are a child or an old lady I can allow it.

I can't deny it for me there is something about Clarks shoes, the way they still reflect the chubby little foot inside, the branding. I ridiculously feel a better Mum for having brought them. They are pretty damn cute though and well they will last at least 6-8 weeks so that’s err...£5 per week. 

Companies should just hire the bloody things out.


  1. you should check out russell & bromley next time hun they do really good fitting service/shoes xxx

  2. Out of principle i won't use them in Chichester for having the childrens section downstairs with no lift for the buggy, its a right pain in the arse! x