Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The one where Tabitha-Lo takes over...

Tabitha is now totally on the move, she can crawl to objects, stop sit down, play and move on. All of which is actually for now resulting in a bit of peace and quiet for me. It has however meant that i have had to turn our flat into ' a place a child lives '. Tabithas Daddy especially loves things very minimal and we have kept things very basic and clutter free. After seven months of clearing away the toys and playmats at the end of everyday i have cracked and this has happened.......


Tabitha-Lo has arrived and she has stuff.
(Yes, I really do stand the books up.)

Its great to see her crawling to the toys pulling out what she wants and dragging it off to inspect it. I do know this is only the start of her bid to take over our flat, i don't think we really mind.

Other news this week is that now Tabitha-Lo is seven months old i have started lumpy food. I'm now preparing myself for a four year old who lives on Petit Filous and rice cakes. 

She hates lumps and has the stunning ability to eat the food then hack back only the lump and deposit it onto her bib. Genius. I wouldn't mind but she has six teeth so this should not really be an issue. I'm also worried that in this heat she is not drinking any water or juice. She just won't. I've tried ice lollies, jelly anything to get water into her but nope. She refuses milk during the day mostly so other than a drip feed i'm a bit stumped. She does suck the sponge in the bath, does that count?



  1. Aww she is CUTE!!! I bet she knows it too ;) lol x

  2. Aah thanks! Yeah she definately knows it. She's a proper cheeky madam!

  3. Makes me laugh to myself as I read about your flat being taken over, ours is just the same! I am a bit of a tidyness freak and giving in to the constant toys everywhere has taken some adjustment, she would still rather slope off with our stuff tho!x

  4. Aww she is CUTE!!! I bet she knows it too ;) lol x