Sunday, 6 June 2010

I can sing a rainbow?

When I did my childcare training I learnt about having a settling song for your baby. One song that you sing to settle that the child will come to know as comfort. If you constantly use the same song it has a better effect than randomly singing whatever comes to mind.

Ours is 'Red and Yellow, Pink and Green..' is it called 'I can sing a rainbow'? I chose it because its easy to sing over and over. Its also easy to sing with a crap singing voice, which I have.

Anyway this song, this bloody song has been sung WAY too much the past week it is echoing through my maybe Tabitha's settling song but it feels like the song that will get me sectioned right now.

I do however advise new/expectant parents to get a settling song sorted between you. Both use it and baby will always know what is going on no matter who is calming them.

You see...this week has been a bit of a nightmare. Tabitha-Lo has two new teeth and they are causing a lot of grief. The first two were not much to report really but these two the lateral incisors are obviously very painful. Not only that but we are a little concerned shes going to look like Shreik when they come through with no front two joining them!

The poor girl has also been full of cold from the teeth I'm assuming so we have been carrying Bonjela and Calpol everywhere! Its awful to see her so upset but it also makes me realise how lucky we have been with her.

I've learned I'm not so calm with a screaming baby in the middle of the night, I've just been lucky not to have one. I now have a new found level of respect for people whose children are regularly up in the night kicking off. I'm not very good at it.

Several nights I've woken up on the nursery floor my head propped up on the feeding cushion and shes snoring away in the cot. Why I haven't gone back to bed is beyond me, I was clearly out of my mind tired.

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  1. Aaah poor you and Tabitha-Lo I hope she soon gets through this bout of teething so you get your sanity back and your singing voice! I can sing a rainbow is a lovely choice for a settling song, I had forgotten about that one. Mine is twinkle twinkle little star sung badly but I get away with it just!