Friday, 25 June 2010

Two little ducks went swimming one day.....

After months of thinking about it i finally braved squeezing myself into a swimsuit and taking Tabitha swimming. I used to take children from work from a young age so was aware that the younger they are familiar with the whole experience the better.

Swimming baths are very loud echoing places often noisy with strange new smells for the babies so even before you add getting in the pool there are numerous things to cause a emotional upset.

I packed the buggy up as if we were off for a few days and headed to the local pool. I had checked what their policy was regarding babies and the poop issue! Everywhere is different so check before you go, mine was happy with swimmer nappies some like certain swimsuit brands only. Tabithas little costume has built in nappy liner too but we went with the swimmer nappy also just incase.

Tabitha did not bat an eyelid at the smells or noisy pool area she just pursed her mouth tightly and spied everyone and everything very closely. Only when i started to jump up and down lifting her in and out of the water and generally making a tit of myself did she crack a proper smile. We stayed in the water for half an hour, i even made parental small talk with another mum (my lack of social skills usually mean i avoid this kind of thing).

By the time we had exited the automatic doors on our way home she was snoring her little head off in the buggy....I was a bit emotional another first ticked off the list.


  1. Just wrote an enormous comment and then lost it!!!!

    What a lovely little story, this blog helps me so much with infomation. Even though i'm a qualified Nanny with lots of experience, its not the same when its ur own child! Every bit of training etc seems to get forgotten & u become nervous and over protective of this perfect little bundle of joy you love more than words! We're thinking about taking Willow for her first swim tmrwo! she loves the bath so fingers crossed its a winner............need to prep her for the holidays coming up! x

  2. Glad you like it, really means a lot to hear that. I'm sure willow will love the swimming! x

  3. My little one loved going swimming for the first time at 4mths. Jack took to the water like a duck trying to get away from me laughing kicking his legs and moving his arm's. Now 5 mths later im considering water baby classes. They are very expensive but I'm thinking of doing it for his birthday present. whats your thought of these classes?

  4. I haven't ever been to the water babies classes but have attended many classes at our local pool with children from my old nursery. I found those lessons good if you are not confident in the water or unsure of how to help your child feel confident in the water. But it is not rocket science at this young age and think its very easy money for the instructors when they are not really learning to swim. At this young age it should all be about confidence in the water learning to hold onto the side and jumping in to a parents arms from the side etc...I have heard horror stories of children being put under the water when parents are not keen for this to happen. I think its a good idea but don't think anyone should be forced to.

    As i am confident in the water myself and have an idea of what is taught i won't be paying for any kind of lessons until Tabitha-Lo is old enough to actually learn to swim more than doggy paddle. Until then i'm happy for her to just have fun and splash about!