Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Gallery - Holidays

Over at Sticky Fingers this week the theme is Holidays.

NewYears Eve 2008 we went to Amsterdam. Just me and my man. Our last holiday before we became parents. Everytime i see this picture of Jay walking down the street i smile and remember that we were a pretty cool couple before we were a Mum and a Dad. I'm not going to say anything else about our time there...What goes on in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam.


  1. LOL! my mind is racing with the possibilities! My husband and I had a short break in Venice before the smalls arrived, if only I knew what it would be like being a new Mum, I would have stayed up all night and not wasted a moment on sleeping :-)

  2. Great Photo. You are making me yearn for one of those blissful, relaxing holidays we had BC. Now just a hazy memory. Maybe one day, my children will sleep, and someone will have them for the weekend. I live in hope!

  3. We are hoping to get rid of Tabitha one New Year and go back for a few days. Holidays will certainly be different with little Miss Lo in tow! X

  4. Great shot very atmospheric! I went to Amsterdam with an ex years ago for a weekend break - like you say what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam! LOL xx

  5. i'm loving all these 'pre-kids' pictures in this weeks gallery

    i love the memories we associate with pictures =)

  6. Your man looks very appealing in this shot even though I can't see his face. No wonder you had a great time ;-)

    (Can I say such a thing on someone's blog when I don't know them? Apologies!)

  7. Fab picture and lovely post, I'm sure you're still pretty cool as parents too! x

  8. That is a great shot, and yes, very cool looking :D

  9. uuuuuhhh... crazy times... :)
    We used to be cool before TB was born too... what on earth happened???
    I wanna be daddy cool now!!!! :)

  10. Hi Sarah,
    I thought it about time that I checked your blog out properly as Lauren has been glued to it!
    Loving your work.
    I looked after Willow this weekend whilst Lauren went on a girly break and I loved it. It may sound strange to some, but I feel like more of a Dad now having had the entire weekend being completly responsible for her.
    Lauren is a great Mum, and because I'm at work all week, only usually seeing her for 20 minutes in the morning, it's helped me to bond with her more and to understand more about her habbits, routines etc...
    We went to my folks because unfortunately I'm such a heavy sleeper I wasn't sure if I'd hear her in the night, but I seemed to sleep lighter and heard her every time she woke.
    Also, the grand parents loved it because they only see her every couple of months and the great grandmothers loved seeing her too.

    We're now looking forward to our first holiday (and first family holiday too) later this year.
    In one way, it's a shame we never had a holiday just the two of us, but now photo's and memories of our first holiday will contain our little princess.

  11. Ah its nice that you got to be incharge for a bit, definately makes the parental role fall into place! Especially at 3am!

    I think a lot of men don't wake because they know their partner will but when you know its your shout you just naturally wake. I used to be a heavy sleeper but now i hear every mumble.

    I can't wait to get Tabs on holiday either its going to be fab seeing her splashing about in the sunshine!

  12. That is a great shot, and yes, very cool looking :D