Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Gallery-Nature.

This weeks Gallery is the theme of Nature. This should in theory be the easiest for a while. I wasn't looking forward to it though. It made me wish i had a posh camera so i could take some arty picture of Tabitha holding a ladybird or squishing her chubby feet in lush green grass. So i really had to rack my brains. 

[ I'd just like to say now, this is for the theme is a bit depressing....]

For a few days i decided i'd skip it this week then i looked up the meaning of nature for inspiration. I found this extract from one definition: The forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena of the material world....I instantly thought of a force of nature that had always been a subject i had struggled to accept.

The Tsunami that hit Boxing day 2004. 

I was not traveling at the time and thankfully did not lose any friends or family. Due to the extensive gathering of video camera and media footage we all saw it though, we all felt it. That deadly silence of the people watching the sea pull back, a deep inhalation. Then breathing out, a huge surge of wave pushing forward, lifting all in its path. The aftermath of the trail of destruction, once mother nature had calmed even more unbelievable to see. Thailand's islands so savaged, endless footage of holiday makers and hotels.

But all i could think of was this place, Northern Sumatra, and a small family with three children. They lived here.

The west coast of Northern Sumatra. I stayed here in 2003 for several weeks when i was backpacking. A lovely family had five or so wooden huts with no bathrooms, on a literally deserted 5k of beach. They had approximately twenty guests per year and after staying there for a week cooking every meal for me, cleaning my hut and washing my clothes they asked for $25.

A beautiful, beautiful place with gentle, kind and simple people.

The earthquake that started the Tsunami was 3k off the coast of this beach. This would have been the first place hit by the waves.

I guess what i am saying is while Nature can be lush green grass or a vibrant ladybird. Its also a powerful force and it is not always pretty.


  1. Yes it is a powerful reminder of how cruel Nature can be aswell as awesome and captivating. My OH had been on Pui Pui (not sure if that is how you spell it) 1 week prior to the Tsuanami so he chose the right week to come home! (this was a year before I met him).
    I think it's a good post because it has me stop and think and reflect and be thankful. Xx

  2. A beautiful picture.....we are all in nature's hands aren't we. If it wants to throw something awful at us it is hard to fight it. A sad post but something we should all remember. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's a stunning shot...and a sobering reminder too...x

  4. A beautiful photo, reminds me of the times I spent in Sri Lanka. Like you, I wasn't travelling anymore at the time it struck but instantly thought of the family that had looked after me so well over the years. I have no idea how they were affected, think of them now and again but not often enough probably. Thanks for reminding me, in a positive way :)

  5. Lovely photograph but such a sad story.

  6. What a poignant and thought provoking piece to interpret Nature. A possible winner maybe! Well done

  7. nature is always nature, sometimes good sometimes angry but all the time offering some of its great gifts, the pictures are great

  8. Fabulous. Love the way you took the theme in a totally different direction
    Delighted to let you know that you have been awarded a prize for your pix!
    Contact me with address you want your prize sent to

  9. nature is always nature, sometimes good sometimes angry but all the time offering some of its great gifts, the pictures are great

  10. Lovely photograph but such a sad story.