Monday, 26 July 2010

Endometriosis- Karens Story

My previous post regarding my Endometriosis has led to me receive many emails and comments from other women who are suffering or have suffered from this condition. Karen has kindly shared her story which i will post below. It hopefully gives others comfort to hear of two cases where the result has been positive. 

Endometriosis does not have to be a childless life of suffering monthly pain. 
Endometriosis Karens Story.
' I first started to get stomach pains (mainly on left side which sometimes extended down my left leg) when I was around 20 years of age. Some days I would have to take the maximum daily dose of Nurofen and still be in agony. The pain would never usually last just one day, it would always go on for a few. I went backwards and forwards to Dr who kept treating me for IBS but with no improvement in my symptoms. 
Sometimes the pain was so bad I couldn't even stand up. My pain did not seem to occur at any particular time during my menstrual cycle and my periods weren't particularly painful or heavy. The Dr then referred me to a gynaecologist who following a laparoscopy diagnosed endometriosis. It turned out i had many adhesions that were sticking some of my major organs together. My options for treatment were the pill (which i was already on), laser treatment (though consultant wasn't keen to do this) or leave it for a while and see what happened. My symptoms did improve slightly so I tried to get on with things as best I could. 
I was a vet nurse full time during this period at a very stressful surgery so put some of my symptoms down to the stress. I changed jobs and symptoms did continue to improve. Eventually i had another laporoscopy two years after the first which showed that the endometriosis had cleared up. I was warned though that scar tissue caused by the previous adhesions may have affected my chances of having kids. 
I went on to have three beautiful healthy babies. 
I do still get stomach pains from time to time but I do suffer from IBS. I believe that the IBS was present when I had the Endometriosis so often the symptoms of both ran side by side had confused matters!!

Having spoken to fellow sufferers over the years I have grown to realise that Endometriosis is quite common and doesn't always result in a lifetime of pain and infertility.' 
Thank you Karen for taking the time to share your experience on Mumra.

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