Sunday, 15 May 2011

Chuggington? Not quite.

I have been back at work for a week, five full days. I am saving how I feel about being a working mother for another post, this one is about another issue that has arisen this week.

Since just before Tabitha was born we have lived on the South Coast a good 1hr and 45 minute train journey to London.

Tabithas Dad has been traveling to and from London every day. Every morning he gets up at 5am and is on the 6:30am train, I finally get to see him again at 8:30pm, for about an hour before he falls asleep.

This past week I have been joining him on this journey and I'm not really sure how he is still alive.

If the crap coffee doesn't finish you off, the dullness of the fellow commuters traveling alongside each other day after day in total silence and then the daily struggle of trying to just get a seat on the return journey, even though you have parted with £400 per month for your sodding ticket.

It is truly hideous, just nasty. I am depressed by the very idea that all the people around me have this as a daily routine and mortified that our move down south inflicted this on my lovely boyfriend for nearly 2 years.

I am very lucky that my taster of the commute is just that, we shall be moved into our new flat soon (I hope) and it will be over for the both of us.

I just have to pray that one day my boyfriend will forgive me for the last 2 years...


  1. sometimes walking in other peoples shoes really makes for an intersting understadning of their lives.  I hope the move goes OK

  2. I struggled with commuting from Hampshire from 1989 until late 1991. I so know what you're saying. It was hard, hard going but I travelled with people who had been doing it for YEARS. They kept themselves sane (vaguely) by being more sociable than usual trains - and actually? There were some interesting people on there if you looked hard enough. I made some good friends travelling but the friendships stayed on the train so I lost touch with them when I stopped travelling. 

    Hope you get sorted and moved soon. 

  3.  Your post made me chuckle so much.  I travel 3 hours a day for my commute to work, which is better than what I used to do - 2 trains, twice a day with a 7 minute gap to run to the station in the middle of town for my next one, never a seat available, and this was twice a day.  I feel your pain.  Glad it will be over for you soon, I wouldn't wish journeys like that on my worst enemy ;o)

  4. DeliciousNessy15 May 2011 at 22:16

     Commutings, end of! Hope you get to move soon. Where will you be living? 

  5. Commuting is beyond horrid - I have no idea how we got talked into doing it and keep holding onto the fact that for us we have a much better home life because of the commute than if we lived closer

    Hope the move goes ok and you don't have too many horrid journeys between now and then 

  6.  woohoo, no more commute!! cannot wait to see your new flat and catch a show! xx