Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mummy bloggers go to Bangladesh.

Something exciting is happening in Blogland. Save the Children have chosen three blog writers to join them in an aid mission to spread the word about the death rates of children in Bangladesh from illness such as pneumonia and malaria. 

Josie from Sleep is for the weak, Sian from Mummytips and Eva from Nixdmix are off to meet mothers dealing with the grief of losing their children, dealing with the daily struggle which is life in Bangladesh. I have travelled some poverty stricken areas when i was backpacking but i don't think that will touch what these women will encounter. 
They will be feeding back what they see while they are there via all areas of social media. I wish the girls all the best of luck and know they will do an amazing job.  It is our job to absorb this information and act upon it.
Please take the time to visit the site www.savethechildren.org.uk and see what you can do to help and sign the petition.
They are aiming to collect 100,000 signatures. This will all go towards putting pressure on Nick Clegg as he meets with other world leaders at the UN summit in a few months. They are way behind on the target previously set in this area
9 million children a year are dying before their 5th birthday in Bangladesh. 
This needs to change, make change happen.

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