Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Babymeka Keepsake Box Review.

A few weeks ago the people at Babymeka made a lovely offer to make up one of their keepsake boxes for Tabitha-Lo. Being the perfect type of gift for a newborn i suggested they make one up for one of my oldest friends Helen who was due to give birth anyday.

The box arrived well packaged and totally unscathed by royal mails bumpy service, so could have been sent directly to the mum to be but i was nosey and wanted a good look first!

The box was a gorgeous pearlised pastel colour really classic and sturdy, decorated beautifully and adorned with the babies first name and date of birth. Inside the company had supplied us with their basic package (£25.00) this included:

Various items from the day of the babies birth...
CD single No.1
Card containing a receipt for bread and milk
1st and 2nd class stamps
Scroll bound in ribbon with meaning of names

The site Babymeka lists additional options for more expensive packages as well as Mummy to be packages stocked with goodies.

The contents of our box was padded out with co-ordinated shredded paper. This also left some space for me to add my own gifts inside.

Helen was really pleased with the keepsake box. She felt the product was original and liked the idea of having the items to show Isaac when he was older. The box is attractive enough to be on show in his nursery and could be added to with other memorable items as the years pass by.

Between us the only negative point would have been that the quality of the paper the name scroll was printed on could have been higher to ensure longevity or allow the parents to frame and have on display.

Overall a winner, i would buy this gift for another new baby and like the mum to be box as a maternity leave gift for a colleague perhaps.

A keepsake box starts off a collection of items that will grow throughout a childs life, which means so much more than a babygrow set or teddybear.

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