Monday, 16 August 2010

Maclaren Quest Sport Review.

Over the past two weeks Tabitha has been zooming round town in new wheels. Maclaren have given us a Quest Sport Buggy to review and we have been strolling our towns cobbled streets putting it to the test.

My choice of buggy from day one of finding out i was pregnant was always a Bugaboo. I have had the opportunity to test nearly every buggy due to my childcare work and had found it the best suited to my needs. Oh, and it comes in Dark Indigo Denim, sold.

It has always been the plan however to move Tabitha into something more lightweight once she was big enough. I really jumped at the chance to try this Maclaren as i've always thought they were sturdy lightweight buggies and a make i'd have considered buying.

So the big issue. Have Maclaren managed to sort out the hinge issues that caused the recall of US models in 2009? I was relieved to see that the hinges of the Maclaren Quest Sport were totally concealed in an attractive shell and means there is no chance of myself or Tabithas fingers being caught in the mechanism. Problem solved.

Infact the Maclaren symbol on this circular disc is my favourite design feature on the Quest. It features on the harness lock also and gives the look of a racing car seatbelt. My only gripe is that the straps on the harness once done up to fit Tabitha in securely leave a long piece over and flapping loose. I realize this is needed to extend as she grows but as a teething 8 month old i am struggling to stop her chewing them constantly. I would have liked another slide buckle to keep them tidy and laid against the parallel strap to stop this.

The handles are comfortable to hold being covered in a padded foam. I'm about 5'6 and i have to say i'd have liked a bit more height in the handles. Taller parents may struggle with them being not height adjustable. However Tabithas Daddy did comment on  a positive of the handle for him....'They'd be like rocket launchers if they had buttons on them.' ?!

The buggy comes with a raincover that fits in the basket so can be carried about at all times. One thing the Bugaboo drove me crazy with was the size of the raincover being so impractical. We did have a problem with the first Maclaren cover we got. The darted seam on the front was faulty and split when Tabitha kicked against it. I contacted Maclaren via one of their many contact points (Twitter and Facebook are constantly updated and give great customer service.) A new one was sent out the same day and arrived the following afternoon. I tested the seams by giving them a good pull and she will not be kicking her way through this one!

Overall i'm very happy with the buggy. Umbrella buggies are a vital piece of parenting kit when the baby turns to toddler and beyond. This buggy ticks lots of boxes for me, the colors are bright and modern, the fabrics are strong and easy to wipe clean. It is light as a feather i can hold it above my head, so ideal for holidays and lifting in and out of the boot. 

The biggest selling point though is that Tabitha has now started to climb into the Maclaren for her daytime naps or to watch tv, treating it like her own armchair which for me says it all.


  1. It looks very comfy. I've had my maclaren for years. Damn it just won't give up giving me an excuse to buy a new stylish one! ;0)
    Actually I still use my bugaboo a lot with my 3 year old's so lovely to push.

  2. That looks like a really great buggy. I've had a Silver Cross stroller for a few months now and I'm really unhappy with it. I'd like to go back to a Maclaren pushchair but hubby won't let me buy another one just yet! It's so hard to know which buggy to buy so your review is very helpful and I'll definitely be looking at the Quest Sport when I have permission to go shopping ;)

  3. I adore it and the saying 'everyone ends up with a Maclaren' is so true.

    I take Tabitha in her buggy shopping put her in the trolly seat, fold up the buggy put it in there too, do my shopping and get it home delivered, then off we go in the buggy walking home. Not many buggies that can do that!

  4. Wow you spent £800 on a Bugaboo only to ditch it by 8 months?!

  5. My daughter is over 2 now and I still use the bugaboo! However sometimes only a Maclaren will do, we live in London now and using the trains daily I always use the Maclaren if I am on my own. Also the Bugaboo does not go well in the car boot.

  6. which colour is this maclaren's stroller? sorry for my english ;) i'm italian;)

  7. They cal it Raspberry and grey I think, its a deep pink and grey basically.