Sunday, 28 August 2011

Is it? Isn't it?

For the past few weeks we have been on spot watch.

Chicken Pox is doing the rounds at Tabithas nursery and I am on convinced she is due to catch it any day. I have lost count of the number of times I have said ' could be chicken pox '.

So far we have had a viral infection two weeks ago which carried a small spotty rash which I was of course convinced was the pox and was only corrected after a visit to the doctor. It is a tough gig getting a doctor to even see you when you mention 'it might be chicken pox' most would rather misdiagnose you than actually let you into the surgery it seems.

Right now she has a chest infection which I of course decided was 'The Pox' brewing up until we saw the doctor and got given the wonderful Banana medicine.

This morning she is sporting a fetching spot on her cheek which again I'm suspicious of...

I think for everyones sanity I need the pox to come before I become obsessed with bath time inspections and misdiagnosis. In Boots the other day I nearly got some Calamine incase it came so I'd be prepared, I have lost my mind haven't I?


  1. Minty aka waterbirthplease28 August 2011 at 19:37

    I hear you! I was just the same with Gibby when it was doing the rounds earlier this year - still hasn't had it yet. Maybe there's something to be said for these "Chicken Pox Parties" where a load of Mums and kids get together with at least one infected child just to get it out the way. (LOVE that banana medicine :-)mmmmmm

  2. Tabs is in nursery full time so she really should pick it up. Its a bit masochistic isn't it wanting them to get it but the suspense is killing me!

  3. Nothing wrong with being prepared :)

  4. Definitely best to get it over with! all 3 of mine had it within the space of two weeks. Good to be prepared too! I was housebound with them all for weeks. Don't know what I'd have done without internet shopping! xx

  5. Bear is yet to get the pox, last time I was convinced and he'd caught bloomin impetigo from nursery!